2022 Dacia Duster Europe's SUV Market

2022 Dacia Duster

Shockingly affordable. On the market since 2010 at a city car price, the Dacia Duster has shaken-up the SUV segment. A true revolution by Dacia! With over 1.9 million units sold, the Duster has been the No.1 in retail sales in its class in the Europe's SUV market since 2019. Following on from earlier generations, the New Dacia Duster is aimed both at customers who are looking for a comfortable, attractively designed SUV and those who want a robust, versatile 4x4.

2022 Dacia Duster

True to its heritage, the New Duster is still a family SUV with a trailblazer spirit. It is the companion for everyday use and for adventures in the wide-open spaces. Its timeless design has evolved, especially in respect of its lights and grille, which give it an even stronger personality, and improved CO2 efficiency. Inside it is fitted with a high centre console with a retracting armrest, two multimedia systems with a new 8" screen and a dual-clutch automatic EDC gearbox. As versatile to drive as ever, the New Duster is available in 2WD and 4WD versions. The latest version boasts an enriched 4x4 Monitor system.

The New Dacia Duster will be on sale from September 2021.

2022 Dacia Duster


Unveiled at its launch with the new Arizona Orange bodywork, the New Dacia Duster has a more contemporary design. This evolution in its styling serves a purpose though, by improving its aerodynamism for greater efficiency.

2022 Dacia Duster


The New Duster adopts the style features of the new Dacia visual identity first seen on the All-New Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan. New light units include Y-shaped daytime running lights, a new shape that inspired the 3D reliefs on the new chromed radiator grille. This more contemporary front end reinforces the New Duster's personality.

2022 Dacia Duster


Thanks to the joint efforts of designers and engineers, the aerodynamism advances in style. The design of the new rear spoiler and new 16 and 17" alloy rims have been tested in the wind tunnel. The set of CO2 optimizations (new wheel bearings and tires, LED lighting) including the drag area (SCx) allows a reduction of up to 5.8g of CO2 on the 4x4 version of the New Duster. And as CO2 reduction goes hand in hand with lower fuel consumption, the improvement to the Duster's aerodynamics is a double benefit for customers.

2022 Dacia Duster


When setting off again after stopping on a slope, this feature prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards for more than two seconds once the driver takes their foot off the brake pedal, thus giving them the time to press the accelerator pedal.

2022 Dacia Duster


Particularly useful when driving off-road or on steep descents, this system, which is controlled from the dashboard, operates on the brakes to prevent the vehicle running away and ensures an adaptive driving speed (matched to the driver's requests) of 5 to 30 km/h. It works in first gear and in reverse. The driver only has to think about the steering wheel and can forget the brake and accelerator pedals.


The Multiview camera system (four cameras: one at the front, one on each side and one at the rear of the vehicle) tell the driver about the environment around the vehicle. The side cameras fitted below the door mirrors show the front wheels directly to locate the vehicle accurately. This system is useful for parking manoeuvres or in tricky off-road situations. It activates instantly when reverse is engaged and manually via the MVC key on the piano control. The navigation screen displays one camera at a time. The camera changes angle automatically when a forward gear is engaged. The system is switched off via the MVC key or when the vehicle's speed exceeds 20 km/h.

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