2021 DS 9 Stylish Saloon

2021 DS 9

Following DS 7 CROSSBACK and DS 3 CROSSBACK, this is a large, stylish saloon to head up the new French premium brand's line up. With DS 9, DS Automobiles is emphasising its expertise, design, sophistication and technology with a global vision. With these exciting characteristics, DS 9 conveys a perfect blend of heritage, remarkable savoir-faire and cutting-edge technology. DS 9 is an invitation to rediscover French excellence in relation to the car.

2021 DS 9

Elegance with a sleek silhouette

With a length of 4.93 metres, width of 1.85 metres and large 690mm diameter wheels/tyres, DS 9 is more striking than other saloons in its class. It uses a new version of the EMP2 (Efficient Modular Platform 2) architecture with a longer wheelbase not used with a saloon car before, which greatly benefits the rear passenger space. Its design has a sleek silhouette with a steeply raked rear window, fastback style. A three-box saloon, DS 9 continues the DS Automobiles design language with an expressive front face featuring the DS WINGS and the parametric design of the grille with its three-dimensional diamond effect giving character. On the bonnet there's a 'Clous de Paris' sabre, the first time this DS interior signature has been used outside the cockpit. With a nod to the original 1955 DS, DS 9 also has cone shapes at the outside edges of the roof. Inspired by the legendary saloon, the cones have been reformed to house brand new tail lights, signalling DS 9's presence.

2021 DS 9


During long journeys, poor visibility or lack of attention are often synonymous with danger. To make driving safer DS SAFETY brings together six major functions: DS NIGHT VISION, DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING, DS ACTIVE LED VISION, blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking and extended traffic sign recognition.

2021 DS 9


DS NIGHT VISION is exceptional at reading the road at night. Its infrared camera in the front grille detects pedestrians, cyclists and animals on the carriageway up to 100 metres ahead. The driver gets a picture in infrared on their large digital instrument display and will see danger outlined in yellow, then in red. Alerted like this, they can then react.

2021 DS 9


Through an infrared camera mounted above the steering wheel backed up by a camera at the top of the windscreen, DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING continually watches the drivers eyes for signs of fatigue (blinking), their face (where they're looking) and head movements for distraction, the trajectory of the car over lines in the road, particularly wandering or steering movements by the driver. It can detect any loss of attentiveness by an abnormality in one factor - erratic movements that aren't in a straight line or blinking of the eyes - and will automatically sound an audible alert while a warning will appear on the central screen, day or night.

2021 DS 9


In addition to looking good, DS ACTIVE LED VISION adapts in width and range to driving conditions and the car's speed. Five lighting modes activate automatically. Parking, Town Beam (width of the beam increases after five seconds of driving), Country Beam (focused ahead from 31mph / 50kph), Motorway Beam (range increased from 68mph / 110kph), Adverse Weather (the power of the modules increases and intensity of the main projectors is reduced). The 'turning headlight' function and High Beam (automatic switching of road lights and sidelights) complete this feature. By lighting the road better and further ahead or with a wider light beam, the driver - and their passengers - enjoy greater safety.

2021 DS 9


With DS SMART ACCESS, DS 9 enables the car operator to forget about the key by giving right of access to a smartphone. When unlocking, the flush fitting door handles deploy from the bodywork 'as if by magic'. It's possible to access and start the car. Even remotely, this control can be shared to five other people's phones. The MyDS app can also unlock the doors of the shared car. This feature enables authorising access to and starting of DS 9 by another telephone according to a timetable set by the owner. Using Bluetooth®, the system is operational even without GSM network coverage.

A market that's still growing

Created in France and produced in China, DS 9 is a car that will be sold all around the world with sales commencing in China during the first half of 2020.

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