2022 Cupra Born Advanced Electric Powertrain Technology

2022 Cupra Born

The CUPRA Born is the unconventional challenger, delivering electrifying performance using the most advanced electric powertrain technology, seamlessly augmenting the spirit of the CUPRA brand with an electrified future. The CUPRA Born forms the next stage of the brand's development, and as the industry shifts to a more environmentally conscious position, electrification is key. CUPRA has already invested heavily in the technology, bringing the plug-in hybrid versions of CUPRA Leon, CUPRA Leon Sportstourer and CUPRA Formentor models to the market. The new era is also fully electric.

2022 Cupra Born

The CUPRA Born integrates the most advanced pure electric powertrain technology: a choice of 150PS (110kW) or 204PS (150kW) electric engines deliver energy to the rear wheels, coupled to a high-performance lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of up to 58kWh provides an enormous range of around 420km. It doesn't stop there, it goes beyond. The CUPRA Born adds more performance, with the addition of an e-Boost1 package maximum output reaches up to 170kW and battery packs up to 77kW delivers a range of around 540km and even longer driving experience. The CUPRA Born's performance is matched by its stimulating style. The vehicle is designed to make an impact, stirring emotions from the moment you see it. The front end, with its meaningful character and refined cues from the lighting style, the creases in the bonnet and the framing of the CUPRA badge deliver a determined face that expresses strength.

2022 Cupra Born


Underneath the CUPRA Born sits one of the most advanced electrified powertrains ever used by the high-performance brand. Delivering electrifying performance, it marks a new chapter in the brand's story. The CUPRA Born places the driven wheels at the rear to produce a sportier feeling. The pure EV's powertrain with a permanent magnet synchronous motor has a maximum speed over 16,000rpm and is integrated above the rear axle in front of the centre of the wheels. Torque is transferred using a single-speed transmission with a differential, smoothing out delivery to provide natural performance. Two CUPRA Born variants are available; the first delivers 150PS (110kW) of power and 310Nm of torque, while there is also a 204PS (150kW)/310Nm version too.

2022 Cupra Born

But the dynamic delight doesn't end there CUPRA has gone beyond. The CUPRA Born will also offer an e-Boost1 performance pack that takes performance to another level, increasing output up to 231PS (170kW); the e-Boost1 will be available with two battery options: with a 77kWh battery delivering the 0-100km/h in 7 seconds and with a range of around 540km , and another with a 58kWh battery reducing the 0 to 50km/h in only 2.6s and the 0-100km/h to just 6.6 seconds and a range of around 420km. The CUPRA Born uses a water-cooled, multi-pouch lithium-ion battery system housed low and centrally in the car to offer the best centre of gravity and reduce the impact of the packs weight - instead using it as an advantage to deliver increased dynamics.

2022 Cupra Born

Exterior design

The CUPRA Born's design serves more than one purpose, not only does it draw you to the vehicle, but it also highlights that EVs don't need to be humdrum, electric mobility is exciting. The CUPRA Born's design highlights the essential characteristics of electric vehicles; impressive performance, dynamic, pleasurable driveability and the ability to thrill. For that reason, the CUPRA Born's exterior design unconventional, unique and emotional. Electrification isn't a contradiction for a high-performance brand, it's a way to project the brand into the future. The CUPRA Born's delivers strong CUPRA character that expresses agility and performance. It mixes flowing surfaces with extensive use of body-colour and technical details to provide design that exudes sportiness and elegance.

The face of the CUPRA Born delivers the first visual impact and an instant emotion. It imbues personality, refinement and determination. The front character and presence are achieved through the newly designed full LED headlights and the lower mouth designed to channel air towards the radiator - this concave upper section sits like a shark nose, penetrating and a sure sign of strength. Below sits the large air intake with a copper frame, because although electric cars need less air than a combustion engine, the powertrain still needs thermal characteristics to be optimised. The mix of engineering requirements and design approach help achieve the perfect balance between form and function.

2022 Cupra Born

Interior design

Before you even step inside the CUPRA Born, the scene is set with the puddle light shining down from the wing mirror, representing the CUPRA logo onto the floor in front of you. It's a teaser of the effortless stylishness and personality that the cabin holds. Expressive lines, characterful surfacing and dramatic material cuts define the new, highly emotional design language. As the driver takes their place in the sports bucket seats and takes hold of the CUPRA-specific steering wheel the CUPRA Born's qualities of style, electrifying performance and being an unconventional challenger gain even more clarity. The interior is honed to take on the digitalised world, the standard floating 12" touchscreen takes centre stage, angled slightly to provide the perfect view for the driver, offering easy access to a range of functions in a simple and intuitive style.

But as you glance through the steering wheel the smaller, more focused instrument cluster comes into view, the simplified layout delivering the most relevant information in complete clarity. The smaller digital cockpit also houses the gearshift buttons and parking brake. In a world where screen size has become king this may seem counterintuitive, but there is good reason to strip complexity from this area of the cabin. Thanks to the augmented reality head-up display system, which projects crucial information onto the windscreen, and appears as if layered over the real world, information like the driver assistance indicators, speed and navigation system indications, all data is directly in the driver's line of sight, improving the overall driving experience and highlighting the clearly driver-centred cabin.

2022 Cupra Born

Safety and convenience

The CUPRA Born puts technology at the forefront, and its suite of available safety and convenience systems means it's a high-performance vehicle that's easy to live with in daily life and make it one of the safest vehicles in the segment. The range of systems is expansive and all encompassing; Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control, Travel Assist, Side and Exit Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition, Emergency Assist and Pre-Crash Assist. All assistance systems and their indicators that give very valuable information to the driver, are present in the driver's line of sight, Thanks to the augmented reality head-up display system.
 Onboard systems use data supplied both from an array of integrated sensors, whether that's radar, camera or ultrasonic, and information fed from outside sources to build a picture of the vehicle's surroundings and any possible hazards.

The Predictive ACC system positions the CUPRA Born based on route and GPS data delivered from the navigation system, allowing it to correct its speed depending on the road layout ahead, considering bends, roundabouts, junctions, speed limits and built-up areas. The intelligent system can adjust vehicle speed when limits change using input from the front mounted camera and traffic sign recognition. Travel Assist uses information from the ACC and Lane Assist to actively keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane and adjust speed to the flow of the traffic - providing assisted driving across the whole range of speed.

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