Get to Know the Classy 2018 Toyota Century

2018 Toyota Century

2018 Toyota Century newest Japan Technology! Toyota Century is a four-door limousine and its name pinned since the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sakichi Toyota as the founder of Toyota Industries. In the beginning, this car is only available with a V8 engine manufactured in 1967 to 1997. The shape of this car looks classic and fitted, stiff, but looks classy and can be aligned with other cars. 2018 Toyota Century is manufactured with limited quantity and made by handmade. This car is often used by Japanese Prime Ministers, executive businessmen, and senior leaders.

2018 Toyota Century

2018 Toyota Century Adopts Advanced Technology, Such As:

  • Adaptive LED headlamp
  • LED reading lamp
  • Desk
  • Premium sound system with twenty speakers
  • Electric seat
  • Massage chair
  • Footrests
  • Curtain

2018 Toyota Century

Toyota Safety Sense P Package That Looks Complete with The Addition:

  • Collision avoidance support
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • And rear cross traffic alerts

2018 Toyota Century

What Makes This Brand Incredible? 

  • That's the interior aka the outside appearance, while the appearance in the form of a machine, you'll be more surprised.
  • Because Toyota feels right if pinning 5000 cc V12 engine coded 1GZ-FE Century-owned second generation which was introduced in 1997 ago.
  • Well, the machine is retired and replaced with 5000 cc engine V8 coded 2UR-FSE is supported hybrid technology Toyota Hybrid System II plus NiMH batteries to provide power for the electric motor.
  • So far, the Toyota has not told about Century about can be used to use electric power or not. But after seeing the outer and inner appearance, Toyota Century has a remarkable class compared to other limousine type cars.

2018 Toyota Century

Take Your Consideration!

Toyota says that the movements of Century from V12 to V8 hybrid is a step to pursue the best fuel efficiency in the limousine class. So also, the Toyota has designed the engine holder, suspension, and tires for minimal vibration and sound.

In addition, Toyota is very focused on emphasizing that the back door is somewhat taller, longer, and wider open so that officials, businessmen, bosses, and yakuza mobsters can get out and get in easier.

2018 Toyota Century Dimension

The dimensions of this car are larger when compared with the Mercedes Benz S-Class W222, so do not play if the cabin is more spacious and relieved.
As outlined in the second paragraph if the newest Toyota Century interior is not kidding. The concept should be luxurious but the luxuries in question show Japan, not Europe or America.

The appearance is reflected in the classic and all-around design of the box, such as when you see the Toyota Crow or the old Cressida, the wood trim looks Japanese, even for interior materials are available several options, such as quality leather or wool.

The car will come to the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 at the end of October for an exhibition, while new sales begin in the middle of next year. About the price, make no mistake if Toyota gives equivalent to Mercedes Bens S Class full spec. the car is about 12.53 million yen or $111,300 for one 2018 Toyota Century car.

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