2021 Fiat Tipo Cross

2021 Fiat Tipo Cross

The Fiat Tipo has been refreshed: a complete restyling of the line-up, new design - more captivating, younger and more dynamic, the highest technology there is and new better-performing and environment-friendly engines. The line-up is also being expanded into the new crossover: the New Tipo Cross.

The new line-up revolves around two themes: "Life" and its 3 trim levels - Tipo, Life and City Life, available in three body variants (4-door, 5-door and Station Wagon); and the "Cross" theme, with two trims - City Cross and Cross, and in the 5-door body crossover variant.

The versatile and captivating Panda Cross was the strategic key to this model's success across Europe. Indeed, the 'crossover' look has moved Panda closer to a new, younger target customer, those looking for a car that is not only functional, ideal for the city, but also super cool and with a contemporary design. The same strategy has also been taken on in the Tipo, with the extension of its family. Fiat's designers and engineers have developed the new Tipo Cross along those lines, creating the new crossover Tipo, again aimed at a new target audience, broader than before in terms of age, aesthetic taste and mobility requirements.

2021 Fiat Tipo Cross

The Tipo's new look

The New Fiat Tipo has been completely refreshed and now appears more modern, more dynamic and more elegant. The new front has a rethought grille, a highlight of which is the new Fiat logo, with Fiat lettering, a major statement packed with renewal. The Tipo is also the first Fiat car to take on this logo, to follow the recently unveiled New 500.

The headlights have been completely redesigned, now with full-LED lights in both the front and rear: not only do they enhance the car's lines, they bestow a more modern look on the car and increase active and passive safety. Courtesy of improved visibility and in line with the quest for better sustainability in every minute detail, they reduce the car's electricity consumption and therefore, accordingly, CO2 emissions.

The bumper in the lower section of the car, completely redesigned by adding elements in the brushed chrome ICE MATTE finish, is paired with new 16" or 17" alloy wheels with diamond finish and new designs.

2021 Fiat Tipo Cross

Inside, the passenger compartment is brand-new, too. The seats feature fabrics with exclusive designs. The fully configurable 7" TFT digital cluster replaces the conventional analog instrument panel. A seriously higher-tech and more advanced system, so you can keep under control the status of the car, the multimedia aspect and your phone. The cluster comes with the all-new UConnect 5 radio with a 10.25" touch screen, another first for the FCA Group on the New 500 and now available on the Tipo.

Even the steering wheel - now even more elegant and sportier - has been the focus of our designers' attention. It is more compact and pared down for better ergonomics and to offer perfect visibility of the onboard 7" TFT cluster. Attention has also been paid to the central control panel, where the air conditioning settings have been revisited and new chrome and black inserts added.

The new Tipo line-up is also available in two unprecedented nuances: Ocean Blue and Paprika Orange.

2021 Fiat Tipo Cross

The New Fiat Tipo Cross, the crossover the Tipo way

The Tipo family has been expanded by the arrival of a new body. Fiat is now launching the New Tipo Cross, to add to its other three body variants (4-door, 5-door and Station Wagon): a veritable crossover, aimed at a completely new target audience. Families - the long-standing customer base for the Fiat Tipo - have changed their preferences, leaving behind conventional 5-door cars and Station Wagons to come closer to the world of crossovers, without sacrificing space and comfort. The same families are now ready to experience a more emotive, distinctive, dynamic and young car, while still at an affordable price. The Tipo Cross, "Fiat's new family crossover", is the answer.

Overall, the Fiat Tipo Cross is structured decidedly more powerfully and boldly. At first glance, the car is clearly broader, with the new design of the grille that extends below the headlights, and is patently taller: a true crossover.

The height of the Fiat Tipo Cross has been raised by almost 4 cm, courtesy of renewed calibration of the suspension and the addition of a new rim and tire solution, seen before on another Fiat crossover, the 500X. The Tipo Cross includes larger tires for an even more robust look.

The new setup also offers a higher driving position and makes it easier to get in and out of the car, as well as simplifying everything Tipo families are used to, including putting children on the rear seats or finding things that might get stuck under the seats.

2021 Fiat Tipo Cross

An innovation in aesthetics, the New Tipo Cross is almost 7 cm taller than the Tipo Cross, with the addition of 'cross' details, starting off from wheel arch rims across the side and front, where there's also room for an exclusive skid plate and bumper, with a prominent bull bar to give the car a more solid and muscular appearance, via the side skirts and rear extractor to the practical roof rack only available to date on the Station Wagon version.

When it comes to infotainment, the Tipo is FCA's first car since the New 500 to be equipped with the fifth-generation UConnect 5 infotainment system, the connected platform designed for the future, available with a 10.25" screen. Developed with the idea of providing customers with a straightforward and convenient user experience in mind, FCA uses the easy, intuitive and customizable Android Auto operating system. Uconnect 5 with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto means you can use the features of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto cable-free on the radio touchscreen with customizable profiles and the option to store up to 5 configurations.

Using the New Fiat Tipo's new infotainment system, you can connect two phones via Bluetooth at the same time: for example, you can use both your company and personal cellphones and handle incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously, now with no need to 'jump' from one connection to the other to answer a call on the phone not connected at the time.

Also worth a mention is the new white backlight for all the controls in the passenger compartment, resulting in a more modern look, as well as the USB port for the rear seats, a particularly useful feature for families on long journeys, so the kids can use their tablets.

2021 Fiat Tipo Cross

New, more efficient and environment-friendlier engines

The engine line-up of the New Tipo has been completely refreshed. At launch, it comes with either a gasoline or a diesel engine.


The New Fiat Tipo can be fitted with the new 100-hp 1.0 GSE T3. The new three-cylinder engine delivers a peak torque as high as 190 Nm at only 1500 rpm, rather than the 4500 rpm of the current 95-hp 1.4 gasoline engine, which only went up to 127 Nm.

The 1.0 GSE T3 forms part of the FireFly Turbo engine family, as the most up-to-date version for the best performance, paired with seriously lower consumption and emissions. Maximum output is 74 kW (100 hp). The new engine ensures driving pleasure and offers optimum startup courtesy of the advantageous torque curve even at low rpm and is also more comfortable, thanks to its impressive noiselessness. CO2 emissions go all the way down to a value of 121 g/km (WLTP).

Finally, the gearbox has been calibrated to ensure maximum responsiveness in city traffic and the best comfort there is on the highway, stopping the engine revving any higher than 3200 rpm at a cruising speed of 130 km/h.

2021 Fiat Tipo Cross

Diesel engines

The Euro 6D Final-compliant Multijet diesel engines offer two outputs: 95 and 130 hp (previously 120 hp), with a considerable improvement in performance and CO2 values, from 110 g/km in the diesel family (WLTP).

The 130-hp 1.6 Multijet is also the ideal engine for commercial fleets, a strategic field for the C-segment and therefore for the Tipo.

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