2022 Genesis GV60 Electric SUV Revealed

2022 Genesis GV60

Tomorrow's drivers are expecting more from their vehicles, with EVs at the forefront of a bold new era in mobility. With the introduction of GV60, Genesis is redefining the experience of luxury electric vehicles, combining youthful athleticism with sustainable technology to create a new path for drivers who are focused on a better future. But GV60 does much more than bring luxury driving to an EV - offering style, power, and sustainability all in one place. With design details, GV60 creates unbounded mobility experiences that are tailored to our modern lifestyles. From interactive driving features to exterior details that transcend boundaries, here are some design highlights from GV60.

2022 Genesis GV60

Quad Lamps

The Quad Lamps resulting in the distinctive Two Lines graphic down to side is one of the most unique design signatures of Genesis. GV60 reinterprets and enhances this signature into a sporty, dynamic double wedge that emphasizes GV60 as the most athletic Genesis ever. When you see the fast moving Two Lines signature on the road passing by in silence, it can only be GV60. The Two Lines are us.

2022 Genesis GV60

Side Profile

GV60's body surfacing is seamless and minimal without undercuts or character lines. Yet the muscular volumes bulging beneath the surface pushing out the wide stance characterize power and presence like never before. Silent yet powerful, GV60's subdued inner confidence breaks from the loud performance aesthetics of the past. GV60's side profile is completely unique with an EV specific typology. The sleek coupe silhouette ending with the unmistakable rear spoiler and the long wheelbase with short overhangs creates a unique performance aesthetic that dares to be audaciously different and unexpected. This is the new shape of performance.

2022 Genesis GV60

Chrome line DLO

The distinctive, non-conformist DLO chrome trim of GV60 wraps around the windscreen and flows towards the rear spoiler supporting the floating roof and connecting it with the C pillar through the "Volt DLO". This characterful and unique DLO chrome trim emphasizes GV60 as the most athletic, youthful character in the range, and is another gesture signaling that there are no rules or boundaries written in the EV era.

Crystal Sphere

The Crystal Sphere is the highlight of GV60's interactive features. First and foremost, the Crystal Sphere is a safety feature that clearly indicates whether the vehicle is turned on or not. This is important for a vehicle as silent as an EV where the only indication of driving state are small onscreen icons. When charging, the Crystal Sphere does not rotate to driving mode. A kind reminder of the current status of GV60. At Genesis we speak about emotional functionality. We created beauty where beauty didn't exist in the beautiful Crystal Sphere with its laser engraving and user configurable mood lighting. Safety and function wrapped up in emotional beauty. This is our obsession to the very last detail. Bold design characteristics meet intelligent driving in Genesis GV60, marking the start of a new era in luxury electrification. For the drivers of tomorrow who expect sustainable solutions and won't be held back by barriers to design or performance, GV60 is taking them forward into the new era of mobility, with improved design at the forefront.

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