2021 BMW 5-Series

2021 BMW 5-Series

2021 BMW 5-Series

2021 BMW 5-Series

2021 BMW 5-Series

2021 BMW 5-Series

A heightened sense of outward authority, an interior brimming with detail refinements, the efficiency-enhancing influence of electrification and cutting-edge innovations in the areas of driver assistance, control/operation and connectivity help the new BMW 5-Series to cement its leading position at the premium end of the executive class.

Over 600,000 units of the BMW 5-Series Sedan and BMW 5-Series Touring have been sold worldwide since the market launch of the current model generation. Their eye-catching design aesthetic, hallmark BMW driving pleasure, trailblazing semi-automated driving technologies and unmatched digital services imbue the two models with standout appeal. And now, with a new wave of carefully judged optimisations carried out in these key areas, all the necessary pieces are in place to extend the illustrious history of the sporty business sedan and equally dynamic Touring all-rounder.

The market launch of the new BMW 5-Series range will get underway in July 2020.

A success story dating back to 1972

The BMW 5-Series has the richest tradition of any model produced by the Munich-based premium carmaker. Presented for the first time in 1972, the BMW 5-Series Sedan is now in its seventh model generation and enjoys global popularity as an executive model for discerning customers. Meanwhile, the BMW 5-Series Touring - which has been around since 1991 and is now in its fifth generation - blends a perfect balance of dynamic sharpness and comfort with a larger interior capable of turning its hand to a variety of usage scenarios.

From BMW Plant Dingolfing to the world

The new BMW 5-Series, like every one of its predecessors since 1973, has been produced primarily at BMW Plant Dingolfing in Bavaria - the Group's centre of excellence for the production of large BMW models. Among the other cars manufactured here are the BMW 7-Series and BMW 8-Series luxury sports car. The new BMW 5-Series Sedan will also be built by production partner Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria. The long-wheelbase version of the Sedan is made exclusively for the Chinese market at joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive's Dadong plant in Shenyang.

Stepping up the road presence: the new exterior

The exterior design of the BMW 5-Series is headlined by sporting grace and clean surfaces. Precise modifications showcase the Sedan and Touring's presence and exquisite sporting style even more vividly. Large, tautly drawn surfaces at the front and rear, the bold BMW kidney grille and new headlights and rear lights ensure the 5-Series exudes considerable visual impact.

Slight increase in vehicle length, but proportions otherwise unchanged

With their long bonnet, set-back passenger compartment, short overhangs, a long wheelbase and wide tracks, the familiar BMW proportions of the new BMW 5-Series Sedan and new BMW 5-Series Touring make no secret of the cars' dynamic character. Their width, height and wheelbase are unchanged, but the extra 27 millimetres (BMW 5-Series Sedan) / 21 millimetres (BMW 5-Series Touring) of exterior length - both models now measure 4,963 millimetres - underscore the sweeping elegance on display.

Leading the way once again for aerodynamic drag

With a drag coefficient as low as Cd = 0.23 in the case of the Sedan and Cd = 0. 26 for the Touring, the new BMW 5-Series models continue to set the standard for aerodynamics in their respective segments. Among the key contributors here are the sophisticated design of the cars' trim mouldings and the active air flap control system for the radiator.

Newly designed front end: taut surfaces, bold kidney grille, focused look

The most distinctive features of the revised front end include the bold BMW kidney grille with modified contouring and the headlights with new light graphic. Generously sized, tightly sculpted surfaces in body colour and vertical air intakes on either side of the front apron underscore the exterior's elegant interplay of lines and give the car an even more expressive appearance.

Modern evolution of the iconic BMW kidney grille

The prominent kidney grille immediately catches the eye with a new, octagonal form. This modern interpretation of the BMW icon adds extra width and height, drops down further into the front apron and is framed by a single-piece surround. Also playing their part in the grille's arresting appearance are the vertical bars, the top sections of which jut further out. The larger dimensions of the BMW kidney grille provide an attractive contrast against the now slimmer headlights.

New headlights with L-shaped daytime driving lights create a focused look

LED headlights with automatic headlight range control are again fitted as standard on the new 5-Series. The two daytime driving light sources - arranged next to one other - are U-shaped, the turn indicators are located in special light modules at the outer edge of the headlights.

The two new optional LED headlights create a totally new appearance. The two L-shaped light tubes arranged next to one another in each light unit have a precise and modern graphic. The new contouring of the headlights and the structure of the light sources at their heart bring a modern twist to the focused look familiar from BMW's past and present. With these units, the outer daytime driving lights also perform the role of turn indicators.

All of the light functions use LED technology as standard.

Adaptive LED Headlights, now with matrix function

New full-LED headlights including adaptive cornering function, BMW Selective Beam non-dazzling high beam with matrix technology, and the High-beam Assistant are offered as an option.

The matrix function of the BMW Selective Beam high beam system allows range to be increased while preventing other road users from being dazzled. Here, high beam is divided into four LED segments, which can be activated and deactivated independently of one another as the situation on the road demands. The instant the front-mounted camera detects an oncoming vehicle or a vehicle in front, low beam only will be used to illuminate the area around the vehicle, while the remaining high-beam segments continue to improve road visibility.

The cornering light and high beam are proactively adjusted using GPS. The dynamic light distribution (city, motorway and country road light) function generates different types of illumination, optimised to the driving situation at hand.

BMW Laserlight now available as an option for all BMW 5-Series models

In 2019, BMW Laserlight was introduced into some top-of-the-line 5-Series models. And now all variants of the new BMW 5-Series Sedan and new BMW 5-Series Touring can be ordered with BMW Laserlight as an option.

This system adds a dynamic Laserlight module to the Adaptive LED Headlights with matrix function. At speeds over 60 km/h (37 mph), this strengthens the non-dazzling high beam and follows the course of the road. At up to 650 metres, range is almost double that of the conventional headlights available for the new 5-Series. Added to which, the extremely bright and strong BMW Laserlight achieves a significantly higher level of light intensity. As part of the dynamic light distribution and BMW Selective Beam non-dazzling high beam systems, it also boosts the effectiveness of low beam on country roads and motorways.

Blue inlays at the upper edges of the headlights and "BMW Laser" lettering in the headlight glass are the visual calling cards of this advanced technology.

An eye-catching design option for cars ordered with the Adaptive LED Headlights and BMW Laserlight is BMW Individual Shadowline headlights with darkened inlays at the upper edges of the headlights.

The optional BMW Individual High-gloss Shadowline comprises features such the window surrounds, Air Breathers and elements of the exterior mirrors in High-gloss Black.

The new BMW Individual High-gloss Shadowline with extended features adds a High-gloss Black surround and bars for the kidney grille and exhaust tailpipe finishers in Black Chrome (only on cars with the M Sport package) to the options list.

New rear end accentuates car's width to elegant effect

The gracefully sporting, modern appearance of the new BMW 5-Series is enhanced at the rear of both the Sedan and Touring models by clear surfacing with minimalist lines.

Trapezoidal tailpipe finishers now standard on all BMW 5-Series models. Regardless of the equipment line and engine specified, all models of the new BMW 5-Series come with trapezoidal tailpipe finishers, which are now integrated to the left and right in the rear apron inlay. The top of the grey-coloured inlay has black trim edging as standard (trim edging is electroplated on Luxury Line cars).

Three-dimensional sculpted rear lights with new graphic

A new L-shaped light graphic gives the BMW 5-Series its own clear identity. Black edging lends the rear lights a slimmer appearance. The rear lights and brake lights are integrated into a single light fixture. An overhang in the outer edge of the graphic's upper section brings a fresh interpretation of the familiar BMW L shape. The prominently three-dimensional external lens now houses the light fixture directly, creating an iconographic showcase for the main light functions.

Electric mobility meets connectivity: digital services for plug-in hybrid models

The latest innovations in the fast-moving areas of electric mobility and digitalisation serve to enhance the pleasure of driving with zero local emissions served up by the plug-in-hybrid models in the new BMW 5-Series range. Various new digital services are available, designed to make charging the high-voltage battery as easy as possible or to maximise the proportion of electric driving - providing further evidence of the BMW Group's pioneering role in the field of sustainable mobility.

The new digital service BMW eDrive Zone is the only one of its kind worldwide and opens up new ways of using the plug-in hybrid models' potential for locally emission-free driving to optimum effect. This function automatically switches to the all-electric operating mode as soon as the car enters selected urban areas, such as "green zones". The BMW eDrive Zone service employs GPS-based geofencing technology to detect designated areas of this kind. So far, BMW eDrive Zones have been earmarked for 58 cities and regions in Germany, as well as around 20 other cities elsewhere in Europe.

In addition, the BMW Points loyalty programme set to be rolled out over the remainder of 2020 will reward drivers of BMW plug-in hybrid models with attractive incentives. Drivers will collect points for every electric mile they clock up, with double points available in eDrive Zones.

BMW is offering drivers of plug-in hybrid versions of the new BMW 5-Series additional information and connectivity options through its BMW Connected Charging function, which allows the remaining range, charge level, charging timer and pre-conditioning status to be viewed and controlled with ease, either from the car or on a smartphone via BMW Connected.

The Connected Charging functionality of the navigation system in plug-in hybrid models also enables it to display not only filling stations, but also public charging stations. When the driver selects a particular charging station, they will be shown its predicted occupancy status together with recommendations for hotels, restaurants, caf├ęs, attractions or cultural venues in the area. The BMW i Wallbox still offers convenient at-home charging.

Connected Parking is yet another new function. Available for all engine variants, it combines a wealth of intelligent solutions designed to facilitate stress-free parking, including the established functions On-Street Parking Information (showing potential places to park on the road) and ParkNow (for easily finding and booking spaces and cashless payment). These have now been joined by information on how long it might take to find a parking space at the destination.

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