2022 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer

2022 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer
2022 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer Front View

2022 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer
2022 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer Side View

2022 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer
2022 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer Interior View

2022 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer
2022 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer Seat View

2022 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer
2022 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer Rear View

Modern lifestyle, versatility, elegantly sporting design and hallmark BMW driving pleasure: the second generation of the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer has made significant advances in all these key areas for a model of its kind, making it an extremely attractive addition to the premium compact segment. Plus, a new design language for the exterior and interior brings a dynamic appearance and contemporary ambience into play.

Possessing a host of innovations previously only available for models positioned higher up the brand's ladder and a spread of standard equipment significantly beyond its predecessor's and broader than that of any rival, the new edition of the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer adjusts its sights to the requirements of a modern target group. These are customers who appreciate all-round talents in a car, complemented by a progressive style, high levels of comfort and the benefits of cutting-edge control/operation and connectivity technology.

The new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer rises to the challenges of everyday urban driving, experience-oriented leisure activities, family life and longer trips away in equal measure. Innovations in the areas of design and technology lend the car an undeniably forward-looking aura. The new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer is fitted as standard with BMW Operating System 8 and the new generation of the BMW iDrive control system with BMW Curved Display.

This combination only currently features in the fully electric BMW iX and BMW i4 and is therefore making its debut in a compact-class model from the BMW brand. The range of driver assistance systems specified as standard or available as options also sets a new benchmark both for the BMW model line-up and across the market as a whole.

The new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer additionally plays a trailblazing role in the field of drive system technology. Its vehicle architecture is designed to accommodate both pure combustion engines and electrified drive systems. New engines, the second generation of 48V mild hybrid technology from BMW, the seven-speed Steptronic dual-clutch transmission fitted as standard in all model variants, and extensively updated chassis technology take both efficiency and agility to considerably greater heights. Customers can choose from three petrol engines and one diesel unit from launch in February 2022. And the range will be expanded a few months later with the addition of two plug-in hybrid models. The latter will now be equipped with fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology, which brings optimised dynamics and a significantly extended electric range.

The next chapter in a success story made in Leipzig

The vehicle concept underpinning the predecessor model - launched in 2014 - combined spatial functionality with the signature driving qualities of BMW to win over additional target groups to BMW's world of premium mobility. With conquest rates as high as 80 per cent, it succeeded in convincing an extraordinarily high number of customers to buy a BMW for the first time. In all, more than 430,000 units of the first-generation BMW 2-Series Active Tourer were sold. And the new edition has been tailored clearly to the preferences and needs of European customers. Germany remains the most important individual market.

Like its predecessor, the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer will be produced at BMW Group Plant Leipzig. Opened as recently as 2005, this state-of-the-art facility also builds models including the BMW 1-Series, BMW 2-Series Gran Coupé and BMW i3. The factory can claim standout expertise in front-wheel-drive architecture and electric mobility, and the plug-in hybrid variants of the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer can also be fully integrated into the production system of the existing assembly line.

Modern crossover character with a strikingly sporty edge

Powerful proportions and dynamic lines, a raised seating position and a spacious, variable-usage interior ensure the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer fits the modern crossover mould. It then adds a sense of sporting presence to the mix but shuns the ruggedness-hinting design cues of a Sports Activity Vehicle. The new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer combines its spaciousness and precisely thought-out - and therefore uncomplicated - functionality with a stylish visual presence and a level of driving pleasure unmatched in its segment.

The exterior dimensions of the incoming BMW 2-Series Active Tourer are larger than those of its predecessor - by 32 millimetres in length (now 4,386 millimetres), 24 millimetres in width (1,824 millimetres) and 21 millimetres in height (1,576 millimetres), giving the new model an appearance that visually embodies both its generous spaciousness and sporting tendencies. While the 2-Series Active Tourer's wheelbase is unchanged from the outgoing model, at 2,670 millimetres, its track widths have been increased by 25 millimetres at the front axle (to 1,586 millimetres) and 26 millimetres at the rear axle (1,588 millimetres) - which has a positive effect on handling poise and agility.

Optimised aerodynamic properties and acoustic comfort

The body concept behind the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer also includes targeted optimisation of its aerodynamic properties, with benefits for both driving dynamics and efficiency. The flow of air around the car is guided judiciously by the following measures: an active air flap control system for the BMW kidney grille and the lower intake in the front apron (adjustable, as required, through ten stages); air curtains in the outer sections of the front apron; flush-fitting door handles; a combination of roof spoiler and side air deflectors around the rear window; a large-surface diffuser in the lower section of the rear apron; aerodynamically optimised light-alloy wheels; and a virtually fully sealed underbody with precisely defined air guides and exhaust tailpipes integrated out of sight. These features combine with the car's dynamic proportions to improve its drag coefficient; depending on the model variant, the Cd of the 2-Series Active Tourer is now as low as 0.26.

Also reduced is the wind noise created by the body and add-on parts. An optimised sealing concept for the body around the doors and tailgate, plus improved airflow management courtesy of newly designed exterior mirrors, increase acoustic comfort over the predecessor model. The use of acoustically optimised tyres reduces noise from this source. Added to which, an improved engine and transmission mounting improves isolation from vibrations, which likewise enhances driving comfort. Starting the engine and turning it off also generate significantly lower vibrations in the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer.

Intelligent lightweight design optimises rigidity and weight

The weight-optimised construction of the body and the chassis components helps to give the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer its agility and efficiency. An intelligent mix of materials succeeds in minimising vehicle weight while also enhancing the body's rigidity and crash safety. The hot-stamped steels and aluminium alloys used for the safety passenger cell are supplemented by multi-phase steels for extra reinforcement.

Making the bonnet from aluminium reduces weight at the front of the car and therefore helps increase agility, while lightweight plastic supports for the front and rear doors bring further weight savings. Lightweight forged wheels (not fitted on all model variants) help reduce unsprung mass. And the use of steel components with a zinc/magnesium coating optimises corrosion protection.

A comprehensive passive safety concept maximises occupant protection in an extremely wide range of collisions and factors in the requirements of crash testing procedures in the markets where the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer will be offered. Besides the extremely rigid passenger cell and highly resilient load-bearing structures, it also includes integrated safety electronics which deploy the restraint systems in the right sequence, at the optimum moment and with the required effect for the specific collision type and severity. An interaction airbag is deployed between the driver and front passenger in the event of a side-on impact, boosting occupant protection. And the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer also comes as standard with an active bonnet to improve pedestrian protection. Pyrotechnic actuators raise the bonnet if the vehicle collides with a pedestrian, creating more deformation space between the bonnet and the hard underlying structures.

Sustainability throughout the value cycle

The selection of materials was carefully thought out and clearly defined in the early phase of the series development process. This optimises sustainability in the production of the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer and ensures a high degree of recyclability at the end of its lifecycle. The BMW Group's high sustainability standards also comprise a commitment to reducing the quantities of CO2 emitted during production and apply throughout the value cycle, including the supply chain.

Only electricity generated from renewable sources is used in the production of the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer at BMW Group Plant Leipzig. A substantial proportion of this power is generated by the four wind turbines installed on the plant site. In line with an agreement between the BMW Group and the relevant suppliers, the battery cells for the plug-in hybrid variants of the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer are also manufactured using exclusively green energy.

The fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology used in the plug-in hybrid models also sets new standards in terms of efficiency and conserving resources. The design principle for the electric motors enables the use of rare-earth metals to be avoided, meaning that the BMW Group is not dependent on the availability of these critical raw materials. During development of the current generation of battery cells, the proportion of cobalt contained in the cathode material was reduced to less than ten per cent. In addition, the BMW Group purchases the cobalt and lithium required for the high-voltage batteries itself and then supplies it to the firms who make the battery cells. The company can therefore ensure that environmental and sustainability standards are observed during the extraction and processing of cobalt and lithium and that there are no violations of human rights.

The ongoing increase in the proportion of secondary aluminium used is also helping to make manufacturing more sustainable. Plus, high-quality recycled plastics are also used for numerous components in the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer. Together, these sustainability measures help to ensure that the carbon footprint of the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer through the course of its lifecycle is significantly smaller than that of the predecessor model.


Versatile and uncomplicated functionality is the major strength of the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer, while the sporting instincts for which BMW is renowned give it a character unique in this vehicle segment. The exterior design of the second-generation model provides an authentic showcase for the fusion of these two elements. A long wheelbase, short overhangs, a larger wheel diameter than its predecessor model and a visually imposing crossover design give the new edition of the allrounder even more eye-catching proportions than before. The clean, reduced surface treatment exudes confidence and dynamic elegance, bringing high-end details of the body design clearly to the fore. The appearance of the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer brings together lifestyle attributes and aesthetic sophistication into a modern crossover character profile.

The interior of the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer represents a fundamental updating of the original car. The new geometry of the interior underscores the spacious and open feeling available to be enjoyed in its five seats. The large BMW Curved Display re-interprets the hallmark BMW driver focus in the forward-looking style of the BMW iX. And it adds an extra flourish to a modern, premium ambience headlined by high-quality materials and precision workmanship.

Fast, accurate, informative: the BMW Maps navigation system

The cloud-based BMW Maps navigation system offers significantly enhanced performance and excellent accuracy along with a simplified method of destination entry. The new-generation navigation system enables extremely fast route calculation, carried out dynamically and based on precise real-time traffic data transmitted at short intervals. The arrival time is calculated using an anticipatory method which factors in the usual traffic levels along the entire route. Drivers can enter any words to search for a destination or use voice control. The adaptive navigation system recognises places that are driven to frequently and highlights them as points of interest (POI) in the map view on subsequent journeys.

With Connected Parking, BMW Maps is also able to provide assistance when searching for a parking space close to the destination. When the driver selects their destination in the navigation system, they receive an indication of the parking situation at the destination for their estimated time of arrival. Shortly before arriving, the driver is given information on the nearest multi-storey car park as well as proposed routes offering a particularly good chance of finding a parking spot close to the destination.

Precision navigating with Augmented View

The new Augmented View function optionally available to supplement the navigation system's map view enables the driver to find their way on the road with great accuracy. A live video stream from the driver's perspective is shown on the control display and augmented by supplementary information that matches the context. When dealing with confusing junctions, for instance, an animated directional arrow is integrated into the video image to help the driver take the best turn-off for the planned route.

Using graphics to enhance reality opens up new ways of ensuring drivers enjoy a safe and relaxed journey to their destination. As well as superimposing arrows, points of interest (POI) of relevance to the driver can also be highlighted in the live video stream. Tapping the indicated POIs brings up further information on them, such as user ratings, opening times and images. The use of Augmented View to help drivers search for a parking spot is a feature not yet found in any competitor. This function displays information on the applicable parking regulations in augmented reality form in the control display's split-screen view.

Natural dialogue with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

The new generation of BMW iDrive also sees the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant gaining additional skills. Naturally formulated spoken instructions can now be used to adjust the air conditioning, open a window or operate the optional panoramic glass roof, for instance. Various functions of the driver assistance systems in the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer can likewise be voice controlled.

The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is additionally capable of recognising routines and proactively suggesting that the driver automates them. For instance, the driver's window can be opened automatically when the vehicle reaches a location entered using GPS coordinates, such as the entrance to a garage or multi-storey car park.

When the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is in use, new graphics appear in the control display to emphasise the system's interactive character. The graphic "turns" towards the speaker, thereby visualising how the system is listening attentively to what is being said. This new visualisation approach features spheres of light in differing sizes and brightness levels, giving the assistant more space and new ways of expressing itself.

Smartphone linking and integration of third-party services

Standard specification for the new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer comprises optimised smartphone integration, e.g. via Apple CarPlay, allowing customers to access an array of digital services such as the voice-controlled assistant Siri, map apps, music streaming services like Apple Music, and the messaging service WhatsApp. The wireless WiFi connection between smartphone and vehicle enables the services to be integrated directly into the car's display and operating system. Information from the apps can be viewed both in the control display and - in a cleverly presented way - in the instrument cluster or optional Head-Up Display.

The BMW Group has extended the reach of seamless connectivity in its vehicles with the addition of another customer-centric service. Android Auto™ provides a simple, safe way to use smartphone functions such as music, media and messaging apps during a journey. Customers can interact with their smartphone with the help of the Google Assistant and the actions carried out are shown on the car's information display. Highlights of the interplay with Android Auto™ include user-friendly and wireless connectivity and the intelligent integration of Google Maps™ navigation instructions in the BMW Head-Up Display.

The My BMW App is available in more than 40 countries for both iOS and Android operating systems, and can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It acts as a new universal interface to the car, providing information on the vehicle's status at any time. Depending on the equipment fitted, it also enables remote operation of functions such as vehicle locating, locking and unlocking the doors or monitoring the car's immediate vicinity (Remote 3D View). The auxiliary climate control system in the plug-in-hybrid models can likewise be operated remotely. Functions also include the ability to send destination addresses from a suitably equipped smartphone to the vehicle's navigation system. The My BMW App makes it even easier for customers to log in to any current BMW model with their personal BMW ID.

The optional BMW Digital Key Plus enables customers to lock and unlock their new BMW 2-Series Active Tourer with their Apple iPhone via Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, making a conventional car key superfluous. As customers approach the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer, they are welcomed by a staged lighting effect using the exterior lights, and the vehicle unlocks just before they reach the door. Once they have got in, the Apple iPhone can be simply left in the user's pocket or placed in the smartphone slot. The Digital Key can be set up using the My BMW App. The car owner can share access with up to five other users, and has the option of creating a configuration for young drivers which restricts top speed, engine power, maximum radio volume and more.

Always up to the minute: Remote Software Upgrades for over-the-air updates

The BMW Group is one of the key players in the field of over-the-air function upgrades. By 2020 it was carrying out the largest upgrade campaigns of any European carmaker. The Remote Software Upgrades function keeps the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer right up to date with the latest software. The content of the upgrades ranges from new services to improved vehicle functions. All updates can be imported over the air, either on a smartphone via the My BMW App or directly into the car using its built-in SIM card. The intelligent connectivity technology also makes it possible to incorporate additional vehicle functions at a later date - for a limited period of time, if desired.

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