2021 Renault Kangoo

2021 Renault Kangoo

2021 Renault Kangoo

2021 Renault Kangoo

2021 Renault Kangoo

A true icon ever since its release in 1997, Renault Kangoo won over the hearts of its customers with its spacious, modular design with plenty of storage options. The All-New Kangoo, it is Kangoo and more! It has improved on all the original features that made the first model such a success. This latest generation is the Kangoo comeback! The combispace maintains its ingenious flat floor and innovative roof bars that are unlike anything on the market and the latest in safety features on the base-line model.

The All-New Renault Kangoo: the elegant and spacious combispace

With five regular seats, the All-New Renault Kangoo is the perfect vehicle for active families and large groups in need of something modular so they never run out of room. With a new exterior design, more comfort and equipment, it offers a perceived quality worthy of a high-end private car as well as new driving aids.

Manufactured at the Renault factory in Maubeuge, France, the All-New Kangoo will be sold throughout Europe and internationally as early as June 2021.


The All-New Renault Kangoo boasts a whole new look: horizontal ribbed bonnet, vertical front end, and pronounced shoulder. The upscaled aesthetics of the elegant finish incorporate Full LED technology in both front and back.

A distinctive style for the Renault brand

The front end proudly embraces the visual stylings of the Renault brand with the handlebar-like C-Shape signature lights with chrome highlights and shiny black inserts. The rear also includes the same C-Shape lights. The wide tracks provide added stability and sturdiness.

As elegant as a passenger car

The pronounced shoulders break away from traditional models often seen in the combispace category. These sculptures break the cubic format of van derivatives and bring it closer to the world of the private car.

The All-New Renault Kangoo is more refined thanks to its fully integrated side windows and shiny black inserts that bring the whole look together and highlight the 'bay-window' effect. The feeling of elegance in the All-New Kangoo is also found in the small details and chrome inserts: parts such as the bumper, door handles, and sliding door protection pieces all in body-colour continuity, the shiny black rear-view mirror guards, and the 17" aluminium diamond Vereste wheels.

Standard model Full LED light signature

The All-New Kangoo front and rear lights come fitted with LED technology as an entry-level finish. Full LED lights increase the visibility depth of field by 130m and width by 37m. The fog-lights, also fitted with LED, improve visibility in hazardous driving conditions (fog, rain, ...) and feature the 'Bend Lighting' feature to light up the inside of a curve for added safety or facilitate evening manoeuvres.

A range of colours, including the new Terracotta Brown

With a choice of eight body colours, the All-New Kangoo can be tailored to suit all stylistic preferences. Terracotta Brown appears at launch (in metallic). The All-New Kangoo will be also come in five other metallic colours: Highland Grey, Metallic Black, Carmin Red, Cassiopee Grey, and - in a few months' time - Cavansite Blue. It will also come in two solid colours: Urban Grey and Mineral White.


Just as with the exterior, the interior design has undergone considerable change with the dashboard now in dark, brushed wood, a comfortable cockpit and an ergonomic driver's seat. The All-New Kangoo more sophisticated than ever with its superior materials and well-crafted finishing touches.

A sophisticated, customisable driver's seat

The interior is transformed and enhanced with a new dashboard, with featuring a dark brushed wood animation and chrome inserts in different places (climate-control toggles, air vents, gear-stick collar, ...). The upholstery of the seats reflected in the fabric medallions in the door panels highlights the level of sophistication felt within the All-New Kangoo.

The height-adjustable steering wheel is now also depth-adjustable. The driver's seat also has lumbar adjustment for added comfort on long trips.

Improved visibility of the dashboard

The All-New Renault Kangoo comes with a choice of dashboard: the first is fitted with a 4.2" digital colour screen, the second boasts a 7" digital colour screen and will be available in late 2021. The second of the two can be customised to display primary information pertaining to speed and RMP counters. The display format can be altered according to the pre-selected mode - Normal or Eco.

Thermal comfort for all passengers

In the front, climate control is taken up a notch thanks to heated seats with two different settings, that can be added as an option.

The All-New Kangoo also includes automatic climate control with dual zone features for individual temperature settings for the driver and passenger. Thermal comfort in the rear seats has been improved with the integration of two adjustable air vents in the back of the centre console for air conditioning and nozzles placed at passenger foot level for heating.

Better soundproofing for additional comfort

The All-New Renault Kangoo has improved soundproofing for a more comfortable on-board experience: improved dashboard and door insulation, thicker windows (+11%), engine housing, etc. The acoustic performance has also been enhanced thanks to the addition of six speakers located throughout the vehicle.


The All-New Kangoo has unbeatable features like the 2/3-1/2 fold-down rear bench seats and a front passenger seat that can be effortlessly packed away for a completely flat floor space. It comes with 15% more space, placing it in the TOP-3 for combispace models. The innovative roof bars give the All-New Kangoo additional storage that is as stylish as it is practical and unlike any of its competitors.

Equipment is ever more practical

The All-New Kangoo is perfectly self-sufficient. Its innovative roof bars can be positioned either longwise or lengthwise; no tools or elbow grease required, just unhook the latch and away you go! Designed to be noise-free, they can carry up to 80kg. The perfect piece of equipment for those last-minute trips with the whole family.

The All-New Kangoo is even easier to use with its rear electric windows and rubber lined cockpit that will resist all sorts of wear and tear (an optional feature). A family vehicle, this is a combispace that comes fitted with Isofix attachment points on the left and right rear passenger seats, as well as the front passenger seat.

USB ports and 12V sockets within easy reach

The All-New Kangoo boasts up to five USB ports: two just above the steering wheel, one on the centre console, one on the radio or Renault EASY LINK interface console (depending on the chosen multimedia system), and two on the back of the centre console (depending on the chosen version). There are plenty of 12V sockets to choose from with four sockets strategically located in the front and in the boot.

Even more technologies on board

The All-New Renault Kangoo comes with a powerful 15W induction charger with a swivel mount smart phone holder that can be clipped to the right or left of the steering wheel, making it suitable for both left and right-handed drivers.

Another practical piece of tech to round out the offer is the Renault Hands-free card. The vehicle unlocks itself when the key comes within 1m distance from the doors, and locks again when moving away. The key can stay in your pocket or bag the whole time. Once inside, the hands-free card means you can start the motor with a simple push of the Start/Stop button.

The All-New Kangoo will also soon have an electric parking brake with auto-hold function.


The All-New Kangoo is safer to drive and easier to park than ever before with added peace-of-mind thanks to its standard range of fourteen driver-assistance systems.

For an even more relaxed driving experience

The Safe Distance Warning will use the dash display to inform the driver of the distance to the vehicle in front to keep a safe driving distance between vehicles.

If the vehicle ahead slows down, the Safe Distance System will adjust the car's speed, bringing the vehicle to a complete halt if necessary (e.g., in a traffic jam).

The Cruise Control and Speed Limiter (with Hill-Descent Control) are used to set/cap the vehicle speed to a speed chosen by the driver using the steering wheel-mounted controls, even when going down a slope.

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go regulates the vehicle speed and keeps a safe distance with vehicles ahead in the same lane, depending on the chosen speed and safety distance. Vehicles with an automatic gearbox can harness this feature to stop and start the car in traffic jams.

The Motorway and Trafic Companion is available only on vehicles with automatic transmission. It combines the Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go and Lane Keeping Assist. It keeps a safe distance from vehicles ahead in the same lane according to the chosen speed and safety distance and positions the vehicle in the middle of its lane on both straight and curved roads.

For easier parking

Active under 10 km/h, the Front, Rear, and Side Parking Assistant informs the driver of obstacles in the vehicle's direct vicinity. The visual and audio cue grow stronger as the vehicle approaches obstacles. A solid red light and continues beep when the detected object is less than 30 cm away.

Easy Park Assist Hands-Free Parking system helps park the vehicle by finding a suitable location for the required manoeuvre (reverse, angle, parallel). The system manoeuvres the car, while the driver controls the speed, braking, and forward/reverse direction changes.

The Rear Camera with Wheel Trajectory Markers is also available on the All-New Kangoo. The rear-view camera visual is shown either on the EASY-LINK multimedia display or on the electrochromic rear-view mirror (depending on the chosen set-up).

For safer roads for all

According to the pre-chosen settings, the Active Lane Keeping Assist flashes warnings at the driver with visual cues on the instrument panel when a continuous or broken line is crossed (without first using the indicator). The system operates if the speed is between 70 and 180 km/h. The system can apply a correction to the steering and wheel to keep the vehicle in its lane.

Active between 70 and 180 km/h, Active Blind Spot Monitoring provides additional safety to the blind spot warning system. It corrects the vehicle's trajectory to avoid potential sideways collisions with vehicles on either side or arriving in the blind spot.

Active Emergency Braking (cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles) warns the driver of a potential collision with stationary or moving obstacles, it then increases braking as required or activates the brakes should the driver fail to do so.

Between 7 and 80 km/h, the system detects stationary vehicles, as well as moving pedestrians and cyclists, both day and night.

Between 30 and 170 km/h, the system detects moving vehicles and vehicles travelling in the opposite lane when approaching an intersection.

Speed Warning with Traffic Sign Recognition reminds the driver of the current speed limit by displaying the appropriate speed on the instrument panel and warns the driver if the limit is exceeded.

Active above 60km/h, the Driver Fatigue Monitoring warns the driver when it detects the on-set of fatigue by emitting a sound and displaying a message on the instrument panel. Fatigue detection is based on an analysis of driver reactions: steering wheel movement, use of indicators or windscreen wipers, driving time without a break.

The Trailer Swing Assist is linked to the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) to reduce the swaying movement of a towed trailer (maximum 1,500kg) without limiting the speed and improves handling despite poor driving conditions brought on by side winds or poor-quality road surfaces.

Active beyond 70km/h, the Active Side Wind Assist activates brakes via the ESC to reduce sidewards movements and maintain vehicle trajectory when pushed of course by gusty side winds.

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