2021 Genesis GV70

2021 Genesis GV70

2021 Genesis GV70

2021 Genesis GV70

2021 Genesis GV70

2021 Genesis GV70

Genesis GV70 is a dynamic and desirable SUV that become the brand's second SUV and fourth new model. Designed and tailored to the highest standards, it's further evidence of the ambitious evolution of the Genesis brand. Joining the larger GV80 in the range, the GV70 marks an important addition to the segment with unrivalled technology, design and driver enjoyment. As ever, the "V" in all-new GV70 stands for 'versatility', a quality that has been central to all Genesis SUV models.

All-new Genesis GV70 has been subjected to extensive testing and development against established class benchmarks and on some of the most challenging roads and environments in Europe and the rest of the world. Setting new segment standards in agility, driver engagement and refinement, all-new GV70 is a versatile SUV with a unique and compelling character.

For more than a decade, Genesis engineers from South Korea have been working in partnership with their European counterparts to understand the unique challenges and demands involved in creating a world class product. In-depth studies of the lifestyles and environments of premium customers has given Genesis a unique insight and advantage when developing all-new GV70. Packing all the attention to detail, passion and excitement that are the hallmarks of the Genesis brand, all-new GV70 delivers world-class premium experience.

This tireless pursuit of perfection is highlighted by the extensive European testing programme that has included thousands of kilometres of confirmation testing at the famous Nürburgring circuit in Germany. This legendary 20.8km race track is the toughest test for any new car, with every lap equivalent to over 300km on the road. It's high-speed nature, undulating surface and challenging corners put every element of a car under extreme strain, and it is particularly punishing for the brakes, suspension and engine cooling.

Advanced Smartstream Turbocharged Engines

All-new Genesis GV70 delivers a powerful statement, both visually and from behind the wheel. Helping to deliver on this promise are a pair of four-cylinder turbocharged engines - a 304PS, 2.5-litre petrol and a 210PS 2.2-litre diesel.

"Delivering smooth and responsive power, all-new GV70's engines play a key part in defining the car's dynamic character. State-of-the-art technology also allows these turbocharged units to offer excellent efficiency" Tyrone Johnson, Director, Vehicle Development at Genesis Brand

Featuring a dual fuel injection system, the 2.5-litre petrol engine combines the advantages of direct injection (GDI) and Multi-Point Injection (MPI). GDI technology delivers an in-cylinder cooling effect and optimised combustion efficiency, particularly in cold and high-load conditions, while MPI delivers the optimum air fuel mixture preparation in hot and low-load conditions, delivering enhanced fuel efficiency and performance as well as reduced exhaust emissions.

Also available is a 2.2-litre diesel engine that produces 210PS and an impressive 440Nm torque. The advanced four-cylinder unit features a lightweight aluminium construction and offers exceptional refinement and efficiency. Fuel economy is excellent and has been achieved through a focus on reducing internal friction and the use of a common-rail fuel injection system that runs at 2,200 bar of pressure. As a result, all-new GV70 meets the strictest European regulations in the form of the current Euro 6d and RDE2 (Real Driving Emissions Stage 2) assessments.

Both engines are fitted with an in-house developed eight-speed automatic transmission as standard. Optimised for all-new GV70 this transmission offers outstanding NVH performance, enhancing the premium refinement. Shift paddles on the steering wheel enable fast and responsive gearchanges to be made manually, fully in tune with all-new GV70's dynamic character.

Advanced Four-Wheel Drive as Standard

An electronically controlled all-wheel drive system is standard on all-new GV70. The new transmission has been designed to deliver unrivalled system and weight efficiency. In normal driving conditions, power distribution continuously varies from 100 per cent to the rear wheels, up to an even 50/50 split front to rear. In steady-state driving, torque to the front wheels is kept to a minimum in order to enhance efficiency.

Available optionally is an advanced electronically controlled limited slip differential (E-LSD), which distributes power between left and right rear wheels according to the driving environment and available traction. By allowing up to 100 per cent of the torque sent to the rear to be directed to either wheel, all-new GV70 will keep moving on even the most challenging terrain.


In keeping with the Genesis brand's focus on safety, all-new GV70 features a range of advanced and class-leading technologies within a wide range of standard active and passive safety systems.

As with all-new Genesis GV80, a significant new safety feature on all-new GV70 is its front centre airbag, which helps it meet the stringent new side-impact assessments. Located in the driver's seat on the centre console side, this airbag deploys in just 0.03 seconds in the event of a side collision to help prevent the two front passengers from colliding with each other or with vehicle components.

Also standard on all-new GV70 is the Smart Cruise Control (SCC) that automatically adjusts throttle and braking to maintain a set distance from vehicles ahead. Highway Driving Assist II (HDA II) can assist with steering movements to automatically keep the vehicle in its lane plus has ability to execute driver-initiated lane changes by simply activating the indicator signal.

The Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) not only reduces the risk of collision with stationary vehicles in the same lane, it also features Junction Turning and Junction Crossing Functions, plus Lane Change Oncoming and Lane Change Side warnings. In addition, the Evasive Steering Assist will actively help turn the car away from a potential collision.

Genesis applied a wide range of new technologies that can protect passengers from hazards inside and outside the vehicle, including advanced autonomous driving assistance features based on proactive safety, demonstrating the brand's strong commitment to safety.

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