2022 Volkswagen Golf R 20 Years [UK]

2022 Volkswagen Golf R 20 Years [UK]

Volkswagen is an acknowledged leader in the field of high-performance family cars. Creator of one of the first 'hot hatches' in the shape of the original Golf GTI more than 40 years ago, now the pinnacle of Volkswagen performance comes in the form of its R-branded models. The first Volkswagen to bear the revered R badge was, of course, a Golf and now the brand is marking two decades since that first potent machine made its debut with the arrival of nothing less than the most powerful and fastest production Golf yet created: the Golf R '20 Years'. Recognising the landmark anniversary, the Golf R '20 Years' is a tribute to, and celebration of, the sheer enthusiasm for practical yet compelling performance that has been the hallmark of each and every R-badged model.

To deliver on its promise of creating a car capable of serving up 'the extraordinary, every day' the Volkswagen R team needed to dig deep into its track-developed technologies for the VW Golf R '20 Years'. In doing so the team has fashioned not only a hot hatch worthy of the 20th anniversary occasion, but also a car that represents the zenith of current Volkswagen series production performance.

The statistics speak for themselves: power in the Golf R '20 Years' is upped once more, exceeding even that of the current Golf R's already breath-taking 320 PS, to stand at 333 PS. The 2.0 16-valve turbocharged EA888 powerplant, here in new evo4 guise, generates 420 Nm of torque channelled through a seven-speed DSG transmission and metered by R-Performance Torque Vectoring - a development used in conjunction with Volkswagen's highly regarded 4MOTION all-wheel drive - to bespoke 235/35 R19 Bridgestone tyres. This arrangement catapults the Golf R 20 Years to 62 mph in only 4.6 seconds and, in the UK, the derestricted top speed of 168 mph promises exhilarating track day excitement. This is the fastest accelerating, most potent production Volkswagen yet offered.

2022 Volkswagen Golf R 20 Years [UK]

Engine, transmission and running gear

Upgraded and exclusive to the VW Golf R '20 Years' the 2.0 (1,984 cc) EA888 evo4 turbocharged petrol engine produces peak power of 333 PS - the most power yet offered by any production Volkswagen model - with its torque peak of 420 Nm arriving between 2,100 rpm - 5,500 rpm. A 7-speed DSG transmission is solely offered with this engine, while standard-fit 4MOTION all-wheel drive and R-Performance Torque Vectoring System allow optimal grip in all scenarios. The Golf R '20 Years' accelerates to 62 mph in just 4.6 seconds, and pushes on to a derestricted top speed of 168 mph. Fuel economy stands at 35.7 mpg on the combined cycle, while CO2 emissions of 175 g/km are also measured.

2022 Volkswagen Golf R 20 Years [UK]

7-speed DSG

The DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) dual-clutch transmission, available only as a 7-speed in the Golf R '20 Years', connects two independent gearboxes under load to the engine in turn, depending on the current gear, via two drive shafts. An output shaft assigned to each gearbox applies the torque to the driven wheels via the differential gear. Clutches and gearboxes are operated hydraulically by the gearbox mechatronics (a combination of mechanics and electronics). The electronic transmission control unit, sensors and hydraulic control unit form one compact unit. The control unit uses information such as engine speed, road speed, accelerator position and driving mode to select the optimum gear and to determine the ideal shift point. The control unit then implements the shift commands in a sequence of precisely co-ordinated actions. DSG can also be used manually, via the gear lever or paddle shifts.

Ergonomically shaped DSG paddles are located on the rear of the sports steering wheel in the Golf R '20 Years' and when driving, the new gearshift system responds with noticeable feedback in the form of a sporty shifting jolt to manual upshifts. This deliberately perceptible feedback from the gearbox and drivetrain is active for manual upshifts in the S & S+ gear selector positions.

2022 Volkswagen Golf R 20 Years [UK]

4MOTION all-wheel drive with R-Performance Torque Vectoring

The 4MOTION all-wheel drive system in the Volkswagen Golf R '20 Years' means drive torque is distributed between the front and rear wheels via an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch, and is regulated according to various factors such as the engine's momentary torque output. This distribution is need-based - the focus here is on always maintaining optimal traction, and thereby driving safety. Moreover, a newly developed rear axle also distributes drive power variably between the left and right rear wheels. The new 4MOTION all-wheel drive system with R-Performance Torque Vectoring function means that up to 100 percent of the possible torque can be directed to the wheel on the outside of the bend. This reduces the cornering radius and understeer is reduced which, in turn, leads to noticeably more agile vehicle handling. As with all 4MOTION applications, under low engine drive torque conditions, or during kick-down, forward propulsion comes primarily from the front axle, while the rear axle is partially decoupled. This basic drive configuration saves fuel. If necessary, the rear axle can be variably engaged within fractions of a second.

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