2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4

2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4

The arrival of the Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4 marks the end of vehicles being introduced into the Tonale range-the model with which the brand made its entrance into the world of electrification while staying true to its Italian sporty DNA established in 1910. The new version is the top of the range and opens a new chapter in Alfa Romeo's metamorphosis as it combines maximum efficiency and sportiness: more than 80km in full-electric in the urban cycle, 600km in the total cycle, and emissions reduced to 26g/km.

It is a model designed to meet the needs of customers who, today more than ever, are looking for technology, comfort, and safety in a sporty vehicle, in addition to high performance. The Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4 foreshadows where Alfa Romeo wants to take its conception of sportiness. Moreover, thanks to top-of-the-line roominess, increased on-board comfort, quiet driving, and reduced emissions, the new model is ideal for traveling alone or with family or friends as it guarantees the most in safety and reliability in both city and long-distance driving.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4's road qualities are best in class and its on-board technology and connectivity make it the most hi-tech Alfa Romeo ever. Quality and attention-to-detail have been combined with dynamic characteristics with the goal of reinventing sportiness in the 21st century. The historic Alfa Romeo logo has been reinterpreted to highlight the brand's electrification process: the elegant elettro-biscione serigraphy placed on the left rear window stands out on the Tonale Plug-In and is emphasized by privacy glass.

2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4


Thanks to the Plug-in Hybrid Q4's new engine, the Alfa Romeo Tonale provides the most in efficiency and sustainability as the electrification systems were designed with the brand in mind. The 280 HP Plug-In Hybrid Q4 system is the best in terms of performance and battery life. The advanced hybrid system combines a 180HP, 1.3L turbocharged MultiAir, 4-cylinder engine coupled to a 6-speed automatic transmission, which provides traction to the front axle, with an electric motor capable of supplying 90kW of max peak power and 250 Nm of torque to the rear axle. The 306-volt, 15.5 kWh lithium-ion battery supplies an electric range of over 80 km in the urban cycle and more than 600 km of total range, making the Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-in Hybrid one of the most efficient SUV plug-in hybrids. It is also excellent in terms of sustainability thanks to the new hybrid engine which reduces Co2 emissions to 26kg/km, bringing the range's total emissions down by 40%. A reduction has also been made in fuel consumption, which has been brought down to 1.14 liters per 100 km in the WLTP cycle. Plus, with the aim of providing maximum efficiency, it takes less than 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery when the 7.4 kW onboard charger is in use.

Equipped with a Q4 all-wheel drive system-the front-wheel drive is powered by the internal combustion engine and the rear-wheel drive powered by the electric motor-the Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Q4 provides Alfa Romeo's trademark driving pleasure, ensuring best-in-class agility, lightness, and driving dynamics.

Lastly, the Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Q4 combines efficiency and sustainability with superior sportiness. Its 280 HP of total power places it at the top of the segment, as it goes from 0 to 100 km/h acceleration in just 6.2 seconds and tops out at 135 km/h in full-electric mode and 206 km/h in hybrid mode. The powerful feeling one experiences in acceleration is enhanced by the e-AWD system: the instantaneous deployment of 100% of available torque from the electric motor makes the rear axle respond as soon as one steps on the throttle.

2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4


On the Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4, the Alfa D.N.A. drive selector has become a symbol of efficient sportiness as it incorporates all the brand's traditional sporty elements into an extremely sustainable car. The D.N.A. functionalities have been redesigned with the vehicle's specifications in mind, enhancing its efficiency and performance. In fact, it is possible to manage the Q4 traction and the electronic controls, coordinate the action of the engine and transmission, and modify the sensitivity of the commands all on a single selector dial. This refined calibration system allows the driver to stay focused on the road without the distraction of having to manage various commands.

In particular, "Dynamic" mode has been designed to get the most out of the vehicle's performance with a specific calibration of the throttle, management of the transmission, and stability controls which have been combined with more direct steering wheel response. "Natural" mode sets hybrid driving to all-wheel drive to optimize performance. Internal combustion engine and electric motor use is automatically managed and allows for energy and fuel savings without giving up on performance. Finally, "Advance Efficiency" has been calibrated to obtain maximum energy efficiency in full-electric driving mode. It is the ideal driving mode for trips to city centers as it makes it possible to fully respect traffic and emission limitations. In particular, when one takes a foot off the throttle, the car continues driving in Sailing. Meanwhile, when one is going downhill, the new eCoasting Descent Control is activated to maintain a constant speed of 50 km/h (adjustable with a light touch of the throttle or brake).

The numerous "EV Features" on the Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Q4 guarantee an even more efficient and relaxing driving experience. Specifically, E-Save allows one to recharge or maintain the battery level when the internal combustion engine is on; the regenerative braking system allows one to recover energy during the phases of deceleration and braking, storing it in the battery pack; and finally, by activating E-Coasting, energy recovery takes place even when slowing down with one's foot off the brake pedal.

2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-In Hybrid Q4


Thanks to superior on-board comfort, best-in-class roominess, and reduced emissions, the Alfa Romeo Tonale Plug-in Hybrid Q4 is the perfect SUV for both city use and weekend trips. Its best-in-class interiors include numerous storage compartments, a rationally organized space, and a square trunk with an optimal load limit and "hands-free" opening. Its roominess is also at the top of its class: four people can be comfortably seated (2 up front and 2 behind) and it is 1.9 m tall. Finally, the vehicle's superior structural quality provides vibrational and sound insulation in the cabin. This includes the "sound of silence" of electric driving, which leads to an extremely satisfying and quiet driving experience. The vehicle's comfort is enhanced by the extremely fine aesthetic quality of its materials and finishes, as well as its full offering of innovative and easy-to-use technologies.

Moreover, on-board comfort is also ensured by dual-zone climate control, pleasing ambient light, a sophisticated Infotainment system, ventilated and heated front seats, and a 14-speaker Harman Kardon sound system. Additionally, the new model offers an electric tailgate and a wireless recharging pad in front of the gearshift where one can safely and conveniently charge a smartphone. All of these solutions have been designed to offer the Tonale's customers a superior level of all-Italian comfort, refinement, and conviviality. As far as safety is concerned, the Tonale Plug-In Hybrid offers state-of-the-art solutions for safe travel-when alone or with family and friends-without giving up on the pleasure of driving. In fact, it includes ADAS systems for level 2 automatic driving, a hi-res camera which provides a 360° view of the vehicle, a Blind-Spot Detector and Rear Cross-Path Detector, as well as superior structural and industrial quality which earned it a 5-star NCAP rating. Lastly, the possibility of zero-emissions driving in restricted traffic areas and a total range of 600 km make the Tonale Plug-In Hybrid the ideal SUV for city use, long trips, and company fleets.

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