2023 BMW X7 M60i [US]

2023 BMW X7 M60i [US]

More presence, more sportiness, more digitalisation: The new BMW X7 breaks new ground for richly assured driving pleasure in the luxury car segment. The first Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) in this vehicle category offers an inimitable combination of exclusivity, dynamic excellence, luxuriant spaciousness and versatility. Indeed, the X7 has quickly developed into the most successful BMW model in the luxury class.

And now its unique character profile has been honed to significant effect thanks to extensive design refinements - most notably a visually impactful front end - plus a new-look M Sport package, light-alloy wheels measuring up to 23 inches (a first for BMW) and the latest-generation iDrive control/operation system including BMW Curved Display and BMW Operating System 8. The new BMW X7 also comes with a further expanded range of standard equipment, additional driver assistance systems and the latest 48V mild hybrid technology for all engine variants.

The new BMW X7 is a central pillar in the ongoing product offensive at the most exclusive reaches of the premium carmaker's model line-up. The new X7 will be produced at BMW Group Plant Spartanburg, the competence centre for BMW X models in the US state of South Carolina, where the BMW X6, BMW X5, BMW X4 and BMW X3 are also built. Alongside the USA and Canada, the most important sales regions for the luxurious SAV also include China and other Asian markets, Germany, the Middle East and Australia. The worldwide market launch for the new BMW X7 will get underway in August 2022.

2023 BMW X7 M60i [US]

Exclusive aura, imposing character

The largest of all BMW X models opens up new boundaries for enjoying an exclusive driving experience; its outstanding spaciousness and hallmark BMW driving dynamics can be sampled on surfaced roads and beyond. The versatility of the new X7 extends from its ability to cut a classically elegant figure on the road to a taste for action off the beaten track. Exterior dimensions underscoring the presence of the new BMW X7, generous levels of on-board space, equipment features of exceptional quality and a high-class cabin ambience for occupants in three rows of seats combine with powerful six- and eight-cylinder engines, state-of-the-art chassis technology and BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive to create a case study in all-round poise and assurance.

With an exterior length of 5,162 millimetres, a width of 2,000 millimetres, a height of 1,819 millimetres and a wheelbase measuring 3,105 millimetres, the new BMW X7 is immediately identifiable as the largest SAV in the brand's line-up. The newly interpreted exterior and interior design flags up the car's standout status even more vividly. The new BMW X7 displays a strikingly updated front- and rear-end design as it adopts the new design language of BMW models for the luxury segment. The significantly upgraded standard equipment of the new X7 now also includes the Design Pure Excellence features. And the optional, newly designed M Sport package shines an even brighter spotlight on its dynamic driving properties. This aspect of the large SAV's character can be accentuated more clearly still by specifying the M Sport package Pro.

2023 BMW X7 M60i [US]

Acoustic comfort and occupant protection at the highest level

The outstanding acoustic comfort offered by the new BMW X7 is another factor in creating the exclusive driving experience on board. Acoustic glass for the side windows comes as standard. And interior noise levels are further reduced by effective soundproofing for the engine compartment - including a second layer of insulation, an additional bulkhead, structural strengthening elements and acoustic shielding of cavities - the positioning of the rear ventilation unit under the third row of seats, and sound-absorbing wheel arch trim panels.

An integrated safety concept ensures optimal occupant protection in the new BMW X7. Supporting structures with a weight-optimised design but also a high load-bearing capacity combine with precisely engineered deformation paths to provide the ideal basis for preserving the passenger cell's rigidity in various types of collision - and thereby for keeping the survival space for the occupants intact. All of the restraint systems are controlled by the central safety electronics.

2023 BMW X7 M60i [US]

V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology and optimised efficiency in the BMW X7 M60i xDrive

In the new BMW X7 M60i xDrive, the 48V mild hybrid system links up with the newly developed 4.4-litre V8 petrol engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology. The new V8 can trace its genes back to engines used in renowned BMW M and racing machines and utilises the thermodynamic benefits of a cross-bank exhaust manifold, bank-symmetrical turbochargers and external engine oil cooling. In addition, a reinforced crankshaft drive, further developed turbocharging with a blow-off valve, a new oil pump and a weight-minimised oil sump all play their part in increasing the engine's efficiency.

The combination of the engine and the electric motor integrated into the eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission hands customers the twin benefits of optimised response and power delivery under acceleration and increased efficiency thanks to adaptive recuperation at up to 0.13 g. The controlled intervention of the electric motor also noticeably increases comfort levels when the Auto Start Stop function cuts in and in idling and coasting situations. The coasting function with deactivated combustion engine comes into play when the Driving Experience Control mode ECO PRO is selected.

With its output of 390 kW/530 hp and peak torque of 750 Nm (553 lb-ft), the eight-cylinder engine propels the BMW M car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.7 seconds. Here, the vivacious power development of the V8 engine is accompanied by the emotionally rich soundtrack from the standard-fitted sports exhaust system. The combined fuel consumption and CO2 emissions figures for the BMW X7 M60i xDrive are 13.3 - 12.2 litres per 100 kilometres (21.2 - 23.2 mpg imp) and 303 - 278 grams per kilometre in the WLTP cycle (figures in the NEDC cycle: -).

2023 BMW X7 M60i [US]

Premiere for the new six-cylinder in-line petrol engine in the BMW X7 xDrive 40i

With an all-new package of technology on board, the six-cylinder in-line petrol engine from the new modular generation of units achieves a typically BMW two-pronged leap forward - upping the power and lowering its emissions. Making its debut in the new BMW X7 xDrive40i, the engine boasts a wealth of innovations when it comes to the combustion process, gas exchange, valve control, injection and ignition system involved. Its maximum output of 280 kW/380 hp is up by 35 kW/47 hp compared to its predecessor's figure, while peak torque rises by 70 Nm (52 lb-ft) to 520 Nm (383 lb-ft) - and can be boosted to as much 540 Nm (398 lb-ft) with the input of the mild hybrid system.

The Miller cycle shortens the opening time of the intake valves, which subsequently leads to an increase in the effectiveness of the turbocharging system and the intercooler. This reduces fuel consumption and emission levels significantly across the entire load range and thus in day-to-day driving. The effect is further enhanced by redesigning the intake port and combustion chamber to optimise both mixture formation and combustion efficiency. Using an active coil with integrated electronics also allows the ignition system to be adapted to the new combustion process.

The VALVETRONIC fully variable valve control now includes a switchable rocker arm on the exhaust side, which allows gas exchange to be interrupted, if required. In this way, the engine's frictional torque on the overrun can be reduced by around two thirds. So when the driver releases the accelerator, a higher proportion of the braking energy can be absorbed by the mild hybrid system's generator and fed into the 48V battery by means of recuperation.

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