2023 Morgan Plus Four

2023 Morgan Plus Four

In line with its philosophy of continual evolution, Morgan Motor Company is reimagining its Plus Four and Plus Six models. The enhancements, which are being introduced as part of a formal recognition of a new 'Plus' line, will feature on all Plus Four and Plus Six models from January 2023.

The name 'Plus' signifies a mainstay of Morgan production, and sits alongside the newly introduced 'Super' pillar. The nameplate was first witnessed on the Plus 4, introduced in 1950. Plus represents more than 70 years of heritage, yet looks firmly to the future, embracing relevant new technology and reimagining the experience of a modern, handcrafted sports car for the 21st Century.

Coach-built on the company's lightweight CX-Generation bonded aluminium platform, the design of Plus models is timeless and enduring. Morgan Plus Four, with its slightly narrower body and wire wheels, is more akin to the original vehicles in its aesthetic. Morgan Plus Six, which is wider with a more assertive appearance, presents a more contemporary aesthetic. Both vehicles will benefit from the new features, and their list of options and configurations will be closely aligned, ensuring a cohesive tailoring experience for customers.

2023 Morgan Plus Four

Engaging vehicle dynamics

Above all else, a Morgan sports car should be lightweight, exciting to drive, and offer a unique connection between driver and machine. Morgan's in-house engineering teams have worked with industry leading external partners to ensure the continual dynamic evolution of Plus models. Throughout this process, the key principles of the Morgan driving experience have remained paramount, alongside requirements for future technology, safety, and legislative requirements.

Dynamic enhancements to Plus models are headlined by the introduction of Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and all-new braking system, developed alongside Continental and AP Racing. ESC will be introduced on all Plus Four and Plus Six models. Mode-dependent, the ESC has been tuned for each model and gearbox variant, and can be switched between levels of assistance depending on driving mode.

The AP Racing braking system is all-new and has been developed alongside the ESC programme to deliver high-performance braking.

Bespoke gearbox calibrations have been developed, in partnership with BMW, for the automatic variant of Plus Four and Plus Six models respectively. Gearbox calibrations receive further intelligence and are integrated deeper into the vehicle, adapting to feedback from control systems throughout.

2023 Morgan Plus Four

Individuality celebrated

Morgan cars celebrate individuality and entice owners to commission their own bespoke Plus model, selecting from an almost endless list of possibilities. Each customer is presented with the opportunity to bring their dream to reality and create a true one-off, reflecting their own individual style and taste.

To help prospective clients on their commissioning journey, Morgan's design team has created a series of specification themes that help bring each model to life. These specifications reflect the environs that Morgan cars frequent, and celebrate the versatile nature of Morgan design.

Specification themes include Nordic, Riviera, Britannia, Stateside, Alpine and Urban, with each one being selectable on Morgan's online configurator in 2023.

Paying homage to the company's rooting in motorsport and trialling success, 12 new graphic packs - including roundels, bonnet stripes and strikethrough numbers - will be available for 2023 models. Adding a further method of personalisation, all graphics are available in white, black and clear vinyl. Owners will also have the option to select from a 'pilot' and 'co-pilot' call sign to be situated on the exterior of the vehicle.

Morgan's latest introductions will be produced from January 2023.

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