2023 Toyota Prius XLE [US]

2023 Toyota Prius XLE [US]

The Toyota Prius enters the 2023 model year as a completely transformed model. With a sleek new exterior design, a reimagined interior and an amped up hybrid powertrain, this new Prius is built for style, performance and efficiency. It is the hybrid reborn - without compromise. Designed to capture drivers' hearts at first glance, this all-new 2023 Prius brings sporty style with a coupe-inspired shape. Its sleek silhouette, low roofline, smooth body panels and widened rear are proportionally balanced by available 19-inch wheels and the interior features a clean, modern design combined with high tech displays and ambient lighting. Altogether, it's a progressive, sporty new Prius, that's designed to inspire the senses.

Under the hood the 2023 Prius also shakes things up, with a larger 2.0L engine and a revised hybrid system that brings over 60% more combined system horsepower. For this new generation of Prius, output climbs to 196 net hp on AWD equipped models, increased from 121 hp in the prior generation, and 194 net hp on FWD equipped models, previously 121 hp. Maximum engine torque for this generation climbs nearly 16%, up from 120 to 139 lb.-ft. on all models. Torque on electric motor generator two, which drives the front wheels and regenerates the battery during braking, also increases by over 20% - climbing from 120 to 152 lb.-ft.

Prius makes its power gains while keeping it lean at the pump. In FWD models, the LE grade offers up to a manufacturer estimated 57 MPG combined rating, the best-ever for a Prius and the most fuel-efficient hybrid in production for model year 2023. The XLE and Limited grades offer up to 52 MPG combined. The AWD equipped LE grade delivers up to a manufacturer estimate 54 MPG combined rating, with the XLE and Limited grades are capable of up to 49 MPG combined. The AWD system also receives power upgrades, with 50% more torque in the rear motor, moving from 41 to 62 lb.-ft., and 40 horsepower (previously 7 hp).

2023 Toyota Prius XLE [US]

Sporty Yet Comfortable

Built on the second-generation TNGA-C platform, the 2023 Toyota Prius brings a new look that's both cool and functional. The TNGA-C platform has a lower center of gravity, reduced weight and increased rigidity compared to the previous generation. The result? A wider stance and a lower driving position that feels nimble, yet comfortable.

Designed in Japan, the all-new Toyota Prius offers a style that is modern, progressive and smart from the inside out. This time it lowers the roofline 2-inches from the prior generation, for a more athletic look. Moving to the rear of the vehicle it is nearly 1-inch wider, adding a launch-ready flair to its modern style. Completing the low-slung feel is a hip point that is about one inch lower than the previous generation Prius.

With its piercing silhouette that evokes a level of aerodynamic flair, the 2023 Prius has a 0.27 Coefficient of Drag (Cd). Just like in previous generations, front grille shutters have been installed to optimize the inflow of air, contributing to cooling and aerodynamic performance. Aero stabilizing under body panels are also in place to reduce drag and road noise.

2023 Toyota Prius XLE [US]

A Driver's Hybrid

Under the hood of the 2023 Toyota Prius is the 5th generation hybrid powertrain, which pairs the inline M20A-FXS inline four-cylinder 2.0L gas engine with two motor-generators through a planetary-type continuously variable transmission. A new compact high-output/low-loss drive motor for the transaxle/motor uses a redesigned magnet and electromagnetic steel plate configuration, with two additional magnets for increased output.

The engine, working in concert with the electric motor (MG2), assures responsive performance, while exemplary energy efficiency is achieved by using both electric motors (MG1 and MG2) to charge a lithium-ion battery. The result is an engaging acceleration experience with 194 combined hybrid system horsepower and an estimated 0-60 time of 7.2 seconds for Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) equipped models, a 26% improvement over the 9.8 second time of the outgoing FWD model.

Another boost to Prius' fuel efficiency comes from the Electronically Controlled Brake (ECB) system, which coordinates operation between the regenerative braking force of the electric motors and the hydraulic braking system force to provide optimal stopping power. By proactively using the electric motors to recover as much electrical energy as possible from the regenerative braking system, this extremely efficient cooperative control helps to maximize fuel economy.

2023 Toyota Prius XLE [US]

AWD at the Ready

An updated Electronic On-Demand AWD system gives the new Prius the capability to deliver added traction for slippery road conditions while also offering exemplary fuel economy. The updated system uses a motor to drive the rear wheels, enabling stable driving performance when starting off, when driving on slippery road surfaces and to assist while cornering.

As on other Toyota Hybrids with AWD, like Highlander, RAV4 and Corolla, Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive employs a separate rear-mounted electric motor to power the rear wheels when needed. All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Prius models have a 196 combined system horsepower and a manufacturer estimated 0-60 time of 7.0 seconds. The torque of the rear motor has also increased, moving from 41 lb.-ft. to 62 lb.-ft., a 50% improvement over the prior system.

A high-output IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) motor that drives the rear wheels allows for a compact design that enhances the low traction road climbing performance and the stability when turning. The system works seamlessly and transparently, preemptively distributing driving force to the rear wheels to help suppress front wheel slip during off-the-line starts. It also engages the rear motor in response to slippage at the front wheels and enhances cornering agility by helping to reduce understeer.

2023 Toyota Prius XLE [US]

Convenient and Connected

The all-new 2023 Toyota Prius is equipped with the tools to make life more convenient - thanks to the available 12.3-inch Toyota Audio Multimedia system designed and engineered by Toyota's Texas-based Connected Technologies team. Prius drivers will also have the opportunity to access a wide range of enhanced connectivity and convenience features, including Over-the-Air (OTA) updates.

Users can interact with the system through intuitive touch and voice activation controls. With the available Connected Service Drive Connect, drivers and passengers have access to Intelligent Assistant, Cloud Navigation and Destination Assist. With Intelligent Assistant, simple phrases like "Hey Toyota" awaken the system for voice activated commands to search for directions, find Points of Interest (POI), adjust audio controls, change the cabin temperatures and more. Cloud Navigation, the available onboard navigation solution, utilizes the cloud to download the latest available map, traffic and routing information. To ensure users have the most up-to-date search capabilities, POI search is provided by Google Points-of-Interest data. Destination Assist also gives access to 24/7 live agent assistance to locate the next destination.

The new Toyota Audio Multimedia allows for dual Bluetooth® phone connectivity, with support for standard wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility. With further connectivity, the Prius has a standard Wi-Fi Connect 1-month trial that offers 4G connectivity for up to five devices - turning the Prius into an AT&T Hotspot. Adding to the already robust offering of audio playback ability with HD Radio®, USB data and a SiriusXM® Platinum Plan 3-month trial subscription, Wi-Fi Connect also enables the new Integrated Streaming feature, providing customers the ability to link their separate Apple Music® and Amazon Music subscriptions to the vehicle for onboard control.

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