2024 BMW M3 CS Revealed with Less Weight and More Powers

2024 BMW M3 CS

BMW managed to release a sedan with impressive looks and significant power with the debut of the 2024 BMW M3 CS. This trim is more hardcore than the Comp M3 trim.

The BMW M3 CS is available with a six-speed manual transmission and is a performance car that you can easily drive every day. For more details, see the review below:

2024 BMW M3 CS


The new BMW M3 series packs a punch with the standard powertrain of a twin-turbo straight six producing 473 horsepower. Then, the manual transition has six speeds.

The eight-speed automatic has 503-horse pressure with rear-wheel drive. So, if you're looking for a luxury car with incredible speed, the 2024 BMW M3 CS is perfect for you.

If you want to get a better driving experience, you can choose the 2024 BMW M3 CS which has 543 horsepower and all-wheel drive.

2024 BMW M3 CS

Specification and Features

The M3 CS uses heavy carbon fiber reinforced plastic to save weight. Compared to the M3 Competition, the M3 CS weighs 75 pounds lighter.

The seats are covered with Merino leather and present an attractive appearance by combining black with red accents and distinctive contrast stitching.

Moreover, CS has a back seat so your friends or family can ride along. Its cargo space measures 16.9 cubic feet.

2024 BMW M3 CS


The advantage of the 2024 BMW M3 CS is that it has a higher power output. BMW is equipped with a twin-turbo straight six 3.0-liter CS to produce 40 horsepower more than the 503 horsepower Competition.

Then, it is 70 more than the standard M3 with 473 horsepower. Meanwhile, the M3 CS is in limited production producing 543 Power horses.

The M3 CS produces higher torque than the previous trim, which is 479 lb-ft with acceleration (0-60 MPH) in just 3.2 seconds.

Most of the extra power comes from increasing the engine boost pressure from 24.7 psi on Comp to 30.5 psi on CS.

The M3 CS technology comes from the M4 GT3 race car with a cooling system capable of handling additional power. Also, the system can handle the difficulty of using the track.

The engine mount is more rigid so that between the engine and the car structure it also creates a more rigid connection. Therefore, you will feel more vibration, noise, and harshness.

2024 BMW M3 CS

Safety and Technology

As standard, the 2024 BMW M3 CS comes with parking distance control, forward collision warning, and active blind spot detection.

Then, this trim is equipped with dual-zone automatic climate control, lane departure rating, and speed limit information.

The M3 CS infotainment system is equipped with a 12.3-inch touchscreen. Then, it is also equipped with a charging port with a choice of standard and optional features.

Meanwhile, optional features include subscription-based WiFi, gesture control, and a wireless charging pad.

2024 BMW M3 CS

Price and Release

BMW says that this trim will be a limited production model. However, the company has not said how much the total production of this trim will be.

However, just so you can compare, for the 2023 M4 CSL, only a total of 1000 units were produced worldwide. So, it is likely that the BMW M3 CS will be produced in more or less the same numbers.

The price is estimated to start at USD 119,695. Production will start in March and sales are likely later this year.

The 2024 BMW M3 CS is a luxury sports sedan packed with state-of-the-art performance technology. Having a lighter weight compared to the previous trim, M3 CS can improve dynamics.

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