2020 Seat Leon [UK]

2020 Seat Leon [UK]

SEAT enters the next phase of its history with new cars, efficient and electrified engines, new connectivity standards  and an increased focus on design, with the latest addition to the range being the all-new SEAT Leon. Starting at £19,855 the new Leon is certainly part of the family but takes a big step forward in terms of technology and quality. Customers buying the new Leon will also benefit from the insurance group's low  ratings, with  SE models being rated at 18E and dropping to 22E for FR (1.5 150PS eTSI (MHEV) DSG) models. And after the purchase, after 36 months, years and 60,000 miles, the Leon is 1.5-litre retains 42% of its value more than ever.

2020 Seat Leon [UK]

Leon has been the cornerstone of the SEAT range since 1999, with over 2.2 million sales worldwide (252,416 in the UK) across three model generations, making the brand  a key competitor in the UK. The new SEAT Leon is the latest model in the range, designed, developed and manufactured at the SEAT factory in Martorell, Barcelona. The hatchback and station wagon sector of the market is increasingly competitive, with new entrants and a shift towards larger vehicles; But the all-new SEAT Leon is up to the challenge with its strong stylistic evolution, greater functionality, connectivity and efficient electrified powertrains.

2020 Seat Leon [UK]

The all-new SEAT Leon has been developed with real-world driving in mind, and the powertrain range  now  includes electrified variants for greater efficiency. The new generation car is available with petrol (TSI), diesel (TDI), mild hybrid (eTSI) and plug-in hybrid (eHybrid) engines, each designed for superior performance and driveability. The engines can be combined with a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed DSG (direct transmission). Models equipped with the DSG automatic transmission now benefit from shift-by-wire technology. The system is designed so that the shifter is no longer mechanically linked to the transmission, but instead uses electronic signals to indicate gear changes.This not only increases performance, but also makes for a more engaging driving experience.

2020 Seat Leon [UK]

Petrol (TSI)

The new Leon's petrol engines are all direct-injection, turbocharged units and provide power outputs between 110PS and 190PS. For the first time, Leon is available with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder 110PS TSI engine and six-speed manual. Also available, as a 130PS and 150PS output, is the larger 1.5-litre TSI four-cylinder unit - mated to a six-speed manual - which enhances performance without impacting efficiency. Both engines use a Miller-cycle combustion process and variable geometry turbocharger to ensure performance and efficiency , as does the integrated Active Cylinder Management. The Miller-cycle optimises valvetrain control with early closure of the inlets which, combined with a higher compression rate and turbocharging, better control the air-fuel mixture and improve fuel efficiency by up to 10 per cent. A 190PS 2.0-litre TSI unit linked to the dual-clutch seven-speed DSG transmission is also available.

Diesel (TDI)

Diesel remains an important technology in reducing carbon emissions, and the all-new SEAT Leon benefits from two diesel powertrain options, both 2.0 litre TDI units. Both the five-door and Estate variants are available with either outputs of 115PS or 150PS and a six-speed manual transmission. The diesel engine introduces a new Selective Catalytic Reduction system that includes dual AdBlue injectors to significantly reduce NOx emissions compared to previous generation diesel engines. The result is a range of diesel engines that meet the strict requirement of the latest emissions standards.

Mild Hybrid (eTSI)

The all-new SEAT Leon can also be specified with mild hybrid technology (eTSI), further enhancing efficiency. The system, which is available with the 1.0 TSI 110PS and the 1.5 litre TSI 150PS petrol units, mates 48-volt mild-hybrid technology to the combustion engine. The technology uses a 48V starter-generator and lithium-ion battery enabling the vehicle to coast (no pedal input from the driver) with the engine switched off (while retaining all key electric functions, such as power steering), harvest energy under deceleration and provide electrical torque assistance during acceleration.

Plug-in Hybrid (eHybrid)

SEAT will also expand its line-up of electrified vehicles with a plug-in hybrid electric version of the Leon. A 1.4-litre TSI petrol engine electric motor, 13kWh lithium-ion battery pack and six-speed DSG transmission combine to produce 150kW/204PS of power and is recharged via a 3.6kW AC inlet. New Leon can be fully charged from 0% in less than 3.5 hours. The plug-in hybrid version also allows users to driver Leon via electric power only, emitting no emissions and giving a usable range of 60km (38 miles) - perfect for cities where air quality regulations are stricter. The plug-in hybrid version will be offered on both the five-door and Estate models.

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