2023 Renault Espace

2023 Renault Espace

2023 Renault Espace

2023 Renault Espace

2023 Renault Espace

2023 Renault Espace

2023 Renault Espace

2023 Renault Espace

2023 Renault Espace

In 1983, Renault unveiled the vehicle that can fittingly be called the first car for life and living, the Renault Espace. It was pioneering, often imitated, never equalled and has earned iconic status over five generations.

Renault is now unveiling the All-new Espace, the new people carrier seating 5 or 7, which will join the line-up leading the brand's charge in the C and D segments.

The Espace started a revolution, ushered in a vision of the future and has never stopped changing with the times. Today's the All-new Renault Espace has an SUV vibe and athletic and elegant design, and the Esprit Alpine trim adds a motorsports edge. It has remained true to its 5- or 7-seater long-distance people-carrier DNA and is still the Renault range's most spacious model. And that's where it shines! The choice of sophisticated materials and finishing touches add class to the top-of-the-range and bright interior thanks to a 1-sqm-plus sunroof, one of the largest on the market.

The All-new Espace is also up-to-the-minute and brimming with advanced technology in the sitting area and under the bonnet. It has all the connectivity its driver and passengers need and keeps their environmental footprint in check. Its outer dimensions are smaller and it is 215 kg lighter than its predecessor, and it comes with an ultraefficient 200 hp E-Tech full hybrid powertrain. Its benchmarked low fuel consumption (4.6 litres per 100 km) gives it up to 1,100 km of range and the battery don't need any charge.

Befitting Renault's lineage of cars for life and living, the All-new Espace's driving and safety features for all its occupants are at the top of the range. It is built on the Alliance's purpose-designed CMF-CD platform and comes with 32 driver assistance systems. MULTI-SENSE and 4CONTROL Advanced, Renault's four-wheel-steering system, take pleasure at the wheel to the next level.

Orders for the All-new Renault Espace will begin in spring 2023.


The Renault Espace has been the benchmark for comfort, spaciousness, high-end equipment, modularity and light-filled interiors in Renault's line-up for 40 years. Its latest version, the All-new Espace is no exception. It has kept all the time-honoured features, and quality of life on board is unparalleled. The All-new Espace's generously-sized interior, comprehensive array of equipment and panoramic sunroof are an invitation to upscale travel, wellness and driving pleasure.


Spaciousness is one of the All-new Renault Espace's main strengths - it can seat up to seven people and they will all travel more comfortably than ever on long journeys.

It is built on the Alliance's CMF-CD modular platform, comes with the long versions of the central and rear units, and the space inside has been specifically optimised. It is 4.72 metres long in all - 14 cm shorter than the previous generation - and the passenger compartment is even longer (2.48 metres to the third row).

This remarkable feat is especially good news for passengers in the second row, who will enjoy the knee radius of up to 321 mm. And their seats recline up to 31 degrees, so the comfort levels are unsurpassed. Plus, if the middle seat is empty, the passengers can use a central armrest with two cup holders.

The passengers in the third row (which is available free of charge with orders) will also enjoy the ample kneeroom (128 mm) and the Easy Access features enabling them to push the second row seats 260 mm towards the front and tilt the backs forwards. Each passengers have pretensioners in their seatbelts, touch-switch ceiling lights, USB-C charging docks and, in some versions, enjoy the Harman Kardon sound system.

The people carrier becomes a traveller lounge

Life in Espace has always been something else. And this new generation combines several features to turn the passenger compartment into a proper traveller lounge on wheels.

The optional sunroof fills the area with more light than ever. It has no crossbeam, so it provides more than 1 sqm of sunshine (1.33 metres long, 0,84m wide). Highly technical, the glass has a low-emissivity coating on its inner surface. This composition filters out UV rays and most of the incoming infrared rays and reflects the heat from the passenger compartment. And you don't need a blackout curtain to keep the heat and glare out.

The Renault Espace has always had the comfiest of seats - and they are even more so in this generation. All versions come with a sliding hand rest on the centre console and the Iconic trim includes soft and soothing ergonomic cushions made of the same fabric as the upholstery, that fit onto the rear headrests of the second row.

A generous assortment of equipment and top-of-the-range looks

The All-new Renault Espace solidifies the previous generations' best-in-class position and status. The quality of the finishing touches is instantly perceptible, the passenger compartment looks stunning and the array of equipment is comprehensive.

The entry-level trim, Techno, comes with a 24-inch OpenR screen, powered tailgate, wireless phone charger, 19-inch wheels, Isofix systems on the left and right seats in the second row and the safety pack including the blind spot warning system.

The Esprit Alpine trim adds a categorically sporty feel inside - and is new on the Espace. The headrests feature the A-and-Arrow logo, the Alcantara on the dashboard has blue overstitching and the Alcantara on the seats blends pleasingly and elegantly with the synthetic leather and Latis Bright fabric.

The Iconic trim takes the interior to new heights with genuine ash wood on the dashboard and light Sand Gray padded leather upholstery combined with Mokka Brown decking. You can adjust the seats electrically (forwards, backwards, up and down, and their inclination) and they are heated (as is the steering wheel). The driver's seat also has a lumbar massaging mechanism.

Modular inside

To make the most of the space inside and keep everyone comfortable, the All-newRenault Espace now comes with the first-ever second-row bench that slides 220 mm forwards and backwards and is split into two independent units (to a 2/3 - 1/3 ratio). Slide them all the way back and the passengers on them will have kneeroom at the best level on this market (up to 321 mm); slide them all the way forwards and the boot in the 5-seater version will hold 777 litres (VDA).

Here's another smart modular feature: the third-row of seats fold into the floor, so you can flip them out anytime to seat 7 people or fold them away to get the most boot space.

This ample choice of interior configurations and the possibility of instantly adapting capacity make the All-new Espace extremely versatile.

To optimise space at the back and flatten the floor for more convenient loading, you can easily fold down the second row of seats (one, two or all three units) using the Easy Folding unlocking handles.

The All-new Renault Espace also has a powered tailgate, which you can open or close from the cockpit, pressing a button on the tailgate, using the keyless entry or moving your foot under the rear bumper.

Storage compartments

Like the previous generations, the All-new Renault Espace's large interior includes ample storage space for extra convenience: 39 litres in all, with 20 litres at the front including a more than 6 litres glove compartment and two side-door tubs holding more than 4 litres each. The centre console is free from driving instruments, and in their stead has two storage compartments: a 2 litre one under the sliding hand rest and a 3.6 litre one under the armrest that opens upwards.

In the second row, the foldaway central armrest has two cup holders, the doors can hold a 1 litre bottle each and two pockets are behind the front seats.

The All-new Espace is made in Palencia, Spain

The All-new Renault Espace is built at the plant in Palencia, which underwent an extensive one-and-a-half-year-long overhaul and how features the latest capabilities and the most exacting quality control systems to meet increasingly stringent environmental criteria. It has also added 400 new robots to the 900 it had before. The plant has all the machinery it needs to produce the CMF-CD platform, apply satin paint (the Satin Shale Grey hue, specifically for the Esprit Alpine trim) and run quality controls on hyper-connected vehicles.

Renault's plant in Palencia is an Industry 4.0 benchmark. It combines cutting-edge production and operation techniques with smart technologies including robotics, analytics, AI and IoT.


The Renault Espace has always adapted to the times and stayed up to date. This new generation's transformation is steeped in the Renaulution. The All-new Espace is a status-symbol SUV with athletic looks and a high-tech, connected interior. Its E-Tech full hybrid powertrain makes it more efficient than ever, and the driver assistance systems and technologies make your life easier - in cities as much as on long journeys.

Slimming down and upping efficiency

Thanks to the CMF-CD platform, which it shares with the All-new Renault Austral, the All-new Espace is 32 mm lower and 215 kg lighter than its predecessor. Mostly than half of this big weight reduction is achieved by the contained dimensions, despite preserved habitability, the rest is mostly thanks to an E-Tech full hybrid engine that is lighter than the previous generation of diesels, lighter running gear and seats.

Besides this technical feat, the All-new Renault Espace's aerodynamics have been optimised by streamlining the shape of the new mirrors, and by the dropping roof line ending in a spoiler and the vents in the rear bumper to dispel drag.

Powering the All-new Espace is a 200 hp E-Tech full hybrid engine (see details p16) that consumes 4.6 litres per 100 km (WLTP combined cycle). That gives it up to 1,100 km of range, for hassle-free cross-country driving!

The most fuel-efficient of the All-new Espace (the lighter version) releases only 104 grams of CO2 per km - 35% less than its predecessor. This is a huge step forwards for sustainable mobility.

The All-new Renault Espace's range and CO2 emissions rank it among the best in its segment. Its outstanding performance has earned it a waiver for the environmental penalty in France.

Exterior design: a new status-symbol family SUV

The vertical grille, sculpted bonnet, dropping roof line and rear spoiler are a few of the features that add up to the All-new Renault Espace's athletic vibe - and it comes in three trims.

As attractive as ever

The Espace has always adapted to keep its appeal. And the All-new Renault Espace has done it brilliantly in its turn.

The 18 cm clearance and 19- or 20-inch wheels depending on the version give the All-new Espace its unabashed SUV demeanour. It's elegant, muscular and vibrant from every angle.

The grille at the front is made up of vertical bars in the Iconic and Techno trims, and the bumper blade rounds out the All-new Renault Espace status-symbol aura. The Esprit Alpine variant includes a checkerboard pattern hinting at its motorsports edge.

The sides are chiselled to perfection. The broad cambers at the top combine with strong structure-defining lines. The lower section has all the hallmarks of an SUV with widened wheel arches and a protective lower belt, painted in high gloss black for added elegance.

The spaciousness inside is underscored by the extended rear overhang and vertical boot windscreen.

The rear has a subdued vivacity about it, from the spoiler at the end of the roof, lateral vents and two slim chrome stripes on the bumper.

The headlights give the All-new Renault Espace an eminently high-tech look and enthralling hallmark. The lights at the back stretch as far as the logo, enhancing the SUV's stature. The 3D holographic effect, using micro-optics technology, is exceedingly precise. It adds a vibrant look and almost brings the car's remarkable personality to life!

A choice of three styles

The three available trims include clearly distinct sets of equipment and features, and inside and outside airs. All three have very different styles and wow you in their own way.

The Techno trim's front blade is painted the same colour as the bodywork. The window rims are polished chrome and the roof bars satin-smooth aluminium. The wheels are 19 inches in diameter and the upholstery fabric is entirely recycled.

The Iconic trim's grille, window rims, front blade and roof bars are black. The wheels are larger (20 inches). The upholstery is light Sand Grey and an ash wood inlay adorns the dashboard.

The All-new Espace Esprit Alpine has a sporty look, including a chequered grille and 20-inch diamond-cut black aluminium Daytona wheels. The window rims, roof bars and front and rear logos are dark. The front bumper, horizontal strip and blade are satin grey. The satin Shale Grey bodywork is only available with this trim, as an option.

Inside, Esprit Alpine is in a class by itself: the door sills are stamped with the Alpine brand and the headrests feature the A-and-arrow emblem. The seats, dashboard, door panels and centre console are clad in Alcantara with Alpine blue overstitching. The steering wheel is covered with Nappa leather and Alcantara with blue, white and red stitching. The black seatbelts have blue edges. The pedal tops are aluminium.

Powertrain and driving: limitless fun

The All-new Renault Espace's range and CO2 emissions are among the best in its segment. Its 200 hp E-Tech full hybrid petrol engine is governed by an automatic multimode gearbox and its performance unbridles driving pleasure - all the more so on the versions that come with the latest-generation MULTI-SENSE and 4CONTROL Advanced systems.

All the upsides of driving an electric vehicle, none of the stops to charge

With its full-electric ignition and regenerative system that kicks in automatically as soon as you slow down or brake, you can drive this E-Tech full hybrid powertrain in electric mode 80% of the time in cities and cut fuel consumption by up to 40%. You get all the upsides of driving an EV without the need to stop and charge it. With the automatic management system, the engine and motors charge the battery as directed by the intelligent transmission. The driver can also contribute at will, selecting any of the four regenerative braking modes using the steering-wheel paddles.

To keep the driver fully informed, the digital dashboard displays the energy flows in the hybrid powertrain with specific animations. The battery gauge provides the amount of electric power available in real time. The energy regeneration flows light up as soon as the driver eases the pressure on the accelerator or presses on the brake. The OpenR Link multimedia system displays the direction of the flows and the energy powering the vehicles (electric, mechanical or hybrid).

The predictive hybrid driving feature maximises the use of electrical energy on the journey. Connected map datas, such as the topography of the road over the next seven kilometres (the most likely route if no destination is recorded), provide advanced informations to the battery management system so that electric motor energy is used as much as possible.

Driving feedback is available in the form of bar charts detailing consumption and distance covered in full-electric mode.

4CONTROL Advanced

As the All-new Renault Espace is the longest vehicle in Renault's line-up, 4CONTROL Advanced is essential to enhance manoeuvrability, agility and dynamism. This feature comes as standard with the Iconic and Esprit Alpine trims, and enhances driving pleasure, safety and turning radius thanks to the multi-link rear axle and four-wheel steering capabilities. The vehicle's behaviour is reassuring and at the same time zippy when turning or changing lanes, thanks to the enhanced roll control.

4CONTROL optimises the rear wheels' position on uneven and jagged roads and other surfaces. To provide unprecedented stability, at high speeds or when turning at over 50 km/h, an actuator very slightly turns the rear wheels in the same direction as the front wheels (but only up to 1 degree). At lower speeds, it turns the rear wheels up to 5 degrees in the opposite direction for an unparalleled agility in cities.

The higher angle (compared with 3.5 degrees in previous generations) shortens the car's curb-to-curb turning radius to 10.4 metres (like a Renault Clio) with 4CONTROL Advanced, down from 11.6 metres steering only two wheels.

A tailored driving experience with MULTI-SENSE

In the All-new Espace, MULTI-SENSE settings fine-tune the driving experience (steering effort, engine and motor response, chassis agility), the colour of the lighting in the cockpit and the dashboard display, with four modes: Eco, Sport, Confort and Perso.

Driver assistance for laid-back journeys

The All-new Renault Espace's high-end passive and active safety features unsurpassed levels of protection to the people in and around it. It has 32 advanced driver assistance systems (ADASs) across three categories: safety, driving and parking.

Active Driver Assist: context-aware assistance

Active Driver Assist is built into the Iconic and Esprit Alpine trims. In it, the Highway and Traffic Assistant, which has been available in Renault cars for a few years, now factors in the car's surroundings and is operational beyond expressways (it provides the driver with an overview of objects on all types of roads). This level-2 autonomous driving system combines adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go, Lane Centering Assist, geolocation data and specific maps enabling the vehicle to adapt to the configuration of the road.

Intelligent speed adaptation

Traffic-sign recognition and over-speed prevention (TSR/OSP) are built into Active Driver Assist but can also be used by themselves. This system displays the speed limit on the dashboard and navigation screen. If the vehicle is driving faster than the speed limit that the system has identified, a visual warning appears. The driver can then switch on the speed limiter or cruise control or adaptive cruise control with the push of a button on the steering wheel, to automatically adjust the vehicle's speed to the limit or the vehicle in front.

A next-generation head-up display

The All-new Renault Espace comes with an optional large (9.3 inch) head-up display. The vehicle's speed, active driver assistance systems, over-speed warning and navigation directions are projected directly onto the windscreen, and the information's visibility is optimised in all circumstances, so the driver has all the facts, all the time, without looking away from the road.

Ultra-high-performance modelled vision

The 360° around view camera (Around View Monitor, AVM) is connected to four cameras and displays 3D computer-modelled footage of the All-new Espace amid its surroundings. With the panoramic or bird's eye view of the area, the driver can manoeuvre confidently while effortlessly spotting any obstacles within a 360-degree radius and using the touchscreen to zoom in on any specific area.

Then, the Active Driver Assist and the Adaptative Cruise Control can now include a "realistic" view on the dashboard. This view is a real-time computer-generated model of the lane the car is in and the All-new Espace's position relative to other objects.

High-tech equipment

The All-new Espace is up to the minute and brimming with technology. Depending on the country, its dashboard may include an L-shaped OpenR screen made up of two contiguous tiles: a horizontal 321 sq. cm, 12.3 inch TFT display on the dashboard (1920 x 720 pixels, landscape format) and a 453 sq. cm, 12 inch vertical touchscreen in the middle of the console (1250 x 1562 pixels, portrait format).

Including the 9.3 inch head-up display, the All-new Renault Espace displays information across almost 1,000 sq. cm in all - or roughly the equivalent of three touchpads. These features are at the high end of the market and put the full power of the OpenR Link multimedia system at your fingertips.

Nobody will have to wait to charge their phone: each row has two USB-C docks, besides a wireless charger and two 12 V outlets (one for passengers, the other in the boot).

The All-new Espace comes with a variety of fun and people-friendly possibilities to liven up the passenger compartment. The MULTI-SENSE settings, available on the touchscreen and a shortcut button on the steering wheel, include a choice of four views, five widgets and eight background colours for the dial screen. You can also select the "Living Lights" (ambient lighting) setting you prefer, which stretches across the LED strip on the dashboard and door panels and includes 48 colours.

For a relaxing experience, the lighting includes an automatic mode that adjusts every 30 minutes to suit your circadian clock and the time of day (with cold colours in the morning and warm ones at night).

Music sounds fantastic from the 12-speaker Harman Kardon hi-fi (one front centre speaker, 2 tweeters and 2 woofers in the front and rear, 2 surround speakers in the rear and a subwoofer in the boot). Depending on the version, it can treat music lovers to five sound-surround experiences: Studio, Concert, Immersion, Lounge and Club.

The All-new Renault Espace is packed with technology, fun, friendly touches and every modern convenience on board.

Exclusive interactive content

Building on the MyRenault app that already provides an unprecedented augmented experience, Renault is enhancing its range of exclusive connected services, notably through partnerships with content creators and developers.

Ten unique content packs are already available especially for Renault's users via the OpenR Link multimedia system: Waze, Amazon Music, L'Equipe for Renault, Vivaldi, Radio Player for Renault, Kabriol, Karacal, Les Incollables® for Renault, Easypark and Sybel. The MyRenault app on smartphone to reach a library of 39 contents according to country available on the All-new Espace, exclusive deals and download applications to OpenR Link.

The exclusive SongPop for Renault app will make its worldwide debut on the All-new Espace. This free of charge app is an interactive music-quiz game that passengers can play together on their mobile phones. This content is ideal for family trips and offers an immersive experience with the Harman Kardon hi-fi system. It was developed by Renault in partnership with Gameloft (Vivendi Group's video game publisher).

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