2023 BMW M2 Brooklyn Grau

2023 BMW M2 Brooklyn Grau

2023 BMW M2 Brooklyn Grau

2023 BMW M2 Brooklyn Grau

2023 BMW M2 Brooklyn Grau

2023 BMW M2 Brooklyn Grau

2023 BMW M2 Brooklyn Grau

2023 BMW M2 Brooklyn Grau

2023 BMW M2 Brooklyn Grau

The second generation of the BMW M2 excites and delights with the skillset of a classical high-performance sports car - reproduced in highly concentrated form, with fresh intensity and cutting-edge technology. The new M2 encapsulates the pure joy of driving; its compact dimensions, a six-cylinder in-line engine, a manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive and an advanced control/operating concept - allowing the driver to adjust the vehicle setup as desired - are all central to its appeal. At the heart of the vehicle concept are fleet-footed agility on demand and handling that remains easily controllable even as the driver explores the coupé's limits. The distinct character profile of the new BMW M2 is reflected in a visually powerful design that makes no secret of the car's comfortably segment-leading power, even before it turns a wheel.

The new BMW M2 represents another highlight event in the model offensive celebrating the 50-year anniversary of BMW M GmbH. The new edition of the coupé makes the first step into the world of highperformance sports cars at BMW M GmbH even more beguiling. The two-door machine embodies an unadulterated racing passion that owners can enjoy day in, day out. Its powertrain technology and chassis configuration, and the aerodynamic balance of its body, have been crafted into a precisely interwoven whole during in-depth testing on the Nürburgring's Nordschleife circuit and other race tracks.

The new BMW M2 builds on the brand's tradition of ultra-sporty models with compact dimensions. Back in 1973 there was the boldly unique BMW 2002 turbo. And in 2011, BMW M GmbH took the concept to the next level with the development of its first high-performance model for the premium compact segment. The BMW 1-Series M Coupé met with an overwhelming response and posted sales figures that comfortably outstripped original expectations. However, even this level of success was easily overshadowed by the first-generation BMW M2 unveiled in 2015. As well as amassing a fine collection of awards, the original M2 did not take long after launch to become the largest-selling model in the BMW M line-up. Almost 60,000 examples in total were delivered to fans around the world.

M-specific design features accentuate the performance-led character

The extremely athletic proportions of the new BMW M2 combine with clearly designed surfaces and powerfully sculpted forms. This produces an emotionally engaging aesthetic, which accentuates the wide stance of the new BMW M2 in particular. The car's standalone appearance with clear differentiation from the BMW 2-Series Coupé is also emphasised by the M-specific design features firmly invested in the functional requirements of cooling air routing and aerodynamic balance.

The front end of the new BMW M2 is headlined by its large, horizontal and frameless BMW kidney grille. The elements of the M-typical threesection lower air intake have almost rectangular contours and optimise cooling of the powertrain components and brakes. The boldly contoured headlight units are positioned to the outer edges of the front end. Inspired by the legendary BMW 02 models, they each have a single circular headlight using full-LED technology for both low beam and high beam. The dark background of the lights clearly showcases the advanced technology at work. The daytime driving lights take the form of U-shaped light guides at the lower edge of the headlights, in which the turn indicators are also integrated. Available as options are Adaptive LED Headlights with BMW Selective Beam non-dazzling High-beam Assistant and M lights Shadow Line with dark inlays.

M TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder in-line engine, manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive deliver top-class performance in classical style

The powertrain technology in the new BMW M2 brings elite performance to the premium compact segment and serves up an intoxicating driving experience in the style of a classical high-performance sports car. The M2 is the only model in its segment to be offered with a six-cylinder inline engine, which impresses not only with its inimitable performance characteristics but also its clearly superior power. The engine joins forces with either a dynamic eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic or a six-speed manual gearbox specialising in driving pleasure for a higher grade of purist. In both cases, the engine's power is fed through to the road in traditional fashion via the rear wheels.

Developing a maximum 338 kW/460 hp from its six-cylinder in-line engine, the new BMW M2 stands at the pinnacle of the compact highperformance segment. Added to which, its engine outguns the base unit used by its predecessor by 66 kW/90 hp. The 3.0-litre unit differs only in a small number of details from the engine employed in the BMW M3/BMW M4 models.

A choice of power delivery: an eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic or a six-speed manual gearbox

The new BMW M2 comes as standard with an eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic. However, as an option its six-cylinder inline engine can also link up with a six-speed manual gearbox, creating a performance experience in the classical mould, rooted in the intense interaction between the driver and car. The gear ratios and gear spread are perfectly matched to the performance characteristics of the engine. A precisely defined shift action enables rapid, easily executed gear changes. Plus, the Gear Shift Assistant uses engagement speed control to ensure slip-free operation when downshifting under braking into corners. It can be deactivated in the M Setup menu.

The standard eight-speed M Steptronic transmission is also distinguished by ratio spacing perfectly attuned to the engine's characteristics and also offers extremely sporty gear shifts. The broadly spread gears assist efficiency at low engine speeds while enabling an intense build-up of power from low road speeds. The automatic transmission's further developed converter technology reduces rotational irregularities and enables a particularly direct connection to the engine.

As well as the new-look selector lever, there are also shift paddles on the steering wheel for performing manual shifts with sequential gear selection. It is also possible to execute multiple downshifts to the lowest available gear in manual mode for a sudden burst of acceleration from a steady speed. This is done by simply pulling on the left shift paddle while summoning maximum power by pressing the accelerator to the floor. M Steptronic does not force upshifts under acceleration in manual mode - even when the engine's revs hit the limiter.

M-specific bracing and chassis components

The torsional stiffness of the front end is further increased by bespoke links connecting the individual spring strut towers both with one another and with the nose of the car and bulkhead. Vertical braces connect the stiffening elements of the engine compartment to the front axle subframe, whose supporting base has been enlarged by the addition of a bespoke attachment point at the base of the A-pillars. The M-specific aluminium front axle subframe is given extra rigidity by a single-piece aluminium shear panel with integral sill braces. The centre and rear sections of the body incorporate model-specific C-pillar reinforcements and luggage compartment stiffening elements, together with a threepiece rear axle shear panel and a rear axle subframe with a rigid connection to the body.

The wheel suspension on the new BMW M2 has M-specific kinematic and elastokinematic properties, which combine with the exceptionally large castor and kingpin angles and the lowered roll centre to produce the trademark M blend of extremely dynamic handling and finely judged comfort-focused characteristics. The M-specific version of the doublejoint spring strut front axle comprises aluminium wishbones with ball joints, a likewise aluminium torque arm with newly developed mounting, a forged swivel bearing with bespoke spring strut clamp and lightweight wheel bearings with very high camber stability. The five-link rear axle with M-specific upgrades provides the ideal basis for direct, highprecision response in highly dynamic driving situations with its wide track and rigid mounting.

Optimum connectivity with 5G and Personal eSIM

If the customer selects the optional Personal eSIM, both it and the Vehicle SIM can be active simultaneously thanks to the DSDA (Dual SIM Dual Active) capability. The Personal eSIM allows the customer to use the communications and connectivity functions covered by their mobile contract from their car with ease. The new BMW M2 is essentially turned into another digital and connected device in the customer's ecosystem. Mobile reception for both data and phone calls is significantly improved by the vehicle's own 5G antenna system. Up to ten devices can access the internet at any one time via the mobile hotspot.

The Personal eSIM is linked to the customer's BMW ID rather than their car - meaning it can be transferred to other BMW vehicles with Personal eSIM functionality. If the customer signs in to another BMW with their BMW ID, the Personal eSIM will be configured automatically and will then be available immediately.

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