2024 Peugeot e-2008

2024 Peugeot e-2008

2024 Peugeot e-2008

2024 Peugeot e-2008

2024 Peugeot e-2008

2024 Peugeot e-2008

Launched at the end of 2019 and with nearly 700,000 units produced, the Peugeot 2008 has always been on the podium in terms of B-segment SUV sales in Europe and even topped that list in 2021.

The success of this model is particularly due to the E-2008, which was a pioneer of electrification in its segment from 2019, with more than 75,000 units produced.

It accounted for 17.4% of sales of the versions in 2022, placing it on the podium of European sales of electric SUVs in the B segment.

MATTHIAS HOSSANN, PEUGEOT DESIGN DIRECTOR: "With the new 2008, Peugeot continues to strengthen its technological and feline identity. One of the key elements of the design work is the staging of the front end, which magnifies the 3-claw signature. It enhances the robust and muscular style that has made this SUV so successful in all markets and illustrates the move upmarket that the new 2008 is experiencing. "

Customers of the Peugeot 2008 are drawn in first and foremost by its strong design, generally described as elegant, powerful and robust. They also appreciate its versatility and agility, making the new 2008 an SUV particularly suited to active families.

The new Peugeot 2008 is produced at the Vigo plant in Spain. It will go on sale in the summer of 2023 with a range based on three versions - ACTIVE, ALLURE, GT - and four engines, including a new 115kW/156bhp all-electric engine with a range of up to 406 km (WLTP combined cycle). The range will be expanded in 2024 with the arrival of a new hybrid engine.

At the front, a new Peugeot light signature

After the new 508 saloon and 508 SW, the 2008 is the second model to adopt the new Peugeot signature light. This is characterised by three vertical light claws which are integrated into the gloss black inserts on the bumper on the new 2008. The combination underlines the strong personality of the 2008 and its robust SUV design. All versions have this new light signature. In the GT versions, the striking effect of the three claws is extended for the first time in the lighting of the full LED headlamps through the use of three light modules. This distinguishes the GT versions from the rest of the range by giving them an exclusive front-end signature.

At the rear, a redesigned light signature

The new LED rear lights on all versions of the new 2008 redesign the emblematic three claws that characterise the rear of a Peugeot. Here, they are made up of three superimposed horizontal double slats, fine and elegant, which contribute to visually widening the car's stance. The reversing lights and indicators are also LED.

A reinvented front end

The new 2008 has a new front end, which features the new Peugeot emblem. It is wider and includes a specific lateral pattern that connects to the headlamps and reinforces the verticality and powerful stance of the vehicle.

On the ACTIVE version, the front end is embellished with a horizontal pattern in a gloss black colour.

On the ALLURE and GT versions, the front end has a vertical pattern in the same colour as the bodywork, which extends to subtle dark inserts to reinforce the verticality of the front end. The body colour of the pattern also allows the grille to be better integrated into the bumper for a more robust appearance.

New colours

The modern Selenium Grey was chosen as the launch colour and is also the colour offered in the available palette. The new Okenite White, rich in bluish-grey highlights, will underline the sophistication of the new 2008. The GT version comes with a black bi-tone roof as standard. All new 2008 models feature black mirrors, regardless of the body colour chosen. The new 2008 is available in six body colours: Selenium Grey, Artense Grey, Okenite White, Black Perla Nera, Elixir Red and Vertigo Blue.

Innovative wheel design

The new Peugeot 2008 has new alloy wheels with a disruptive design, in line with those introduced on the Peugeot 408. Several models are available, in 16-inch "NOMA" (ACTIVE versions), 17-inch "KARAKOY" (ALLURE and GT) or 18-inch "EVISSA" (optional on GT). All alloy wheels feature a 4-spoke wheel centre, stamped with the Peugeot crest, which elegantly conceals the wheel nuts.

Modernised Peugeot badges

The front, side and rear badges of the new 2008s have been given a new typeface and a new Basalt Grey colour. The E-2008 has an "E" badge in Dichroic Blue and White. At the rear, the Peugeot monogram runs across the entire width of the boot lid strip.

New refined fabrics

All versions of the new 2008 have renewed seat fabrics, illustrating a real move upmarket, like the new Alcantara upholstery available as an option on the GT versions.

EMOTION: the incomparable Peugeot i-Cockpit® is more integral than ever to driving pleasure.

A key element of the cabin, the Peugeot i-Cockpit® is one of the strongest features of the brand's models. With more than 10 million sales in the last decade, it has been improved upon and modernised with the new 2008, to optimise its ergonomics and driving pleasure.

A new design for the digital instrument cluster

Ideally located at eye level, just above the steering wheel, the new 2008's instrument cluster is digital on the ALLURE and GT versions. Its 10-inch digital display has a new design and, on GT versions, a 3D display. The colour of the display, the hierarchy and the layout of the information can be fully adjusted to suit the driver's preferences. In the ACTIVE version, the 2008 still has its analogue instrument cluster.

10-inch central touchscreen for all new 2008 models

All 2008 models now come with a 10-inch central touchscreen as standard (previously 7 inches on the first two trim levels). It can be used to control radio and telephone functions (ACTIVE version) or the latest generation of the Peugeot i-Connect® and Peugeot i-Connect® Advanced infotainment systems. On the ALLURE and GT versions, the central screen is HD technology. Under the central screen, the piano keys have been kept for quick access to key functions.

The compact steering wheel in the middle of the action

The compact steering wheel is a feature of the Peugeot i-Cockpit® and increases driving pleasure tenfold by offering unique agility and precision of movement. The steering wheel displays the new logo in its centre and, where appropriate, the new GT badge on the lower part of its rim. It houses the controls for the multimedia system (audio sources, telephone) as well as volume and voice control.

Sophisticated ambient lighting on the GT version

The interior of the new 2008 GT has ambient lighting that can be customised in eight different colours, some of which are new, which are now coordinated with those of the central touch screen and take into account the selected driving mode.

New manual transmission control

New 2008 models with the six-speed manual transmission feature a new gearshift knob for improved ergonomics. New 2008 models with automatic transmissions still have the new elegant, practical and discreet gearstick introduced in spring 2022.

Grip control

The new Peugeot 2008 comes with Grip Control, which provides access to three driving modes: sand, mud and snow. Depending on the country, this grip control offer is combined with '3PMSF' all-season tyres.

EXCELLENCE: a new standard in electrification and connectivity

At the cutting edge of modernity, the new 2008 intends to make its efficient electrified engines and latest generation connectivity key assets in attracting new customers.

An even more efficient E-2008 with a range of over 400 km

The Peugeot E-2008 is the pioneer of 100% electric SUVs in the B-segment, with the new engine already adopted by the E-208 and E-308. Maximum power is up 15% from 100 kW/136 hp to 115 kW/156 hp, while the battery is increased from 50 kWh to 54 kWh. A major effort on efficiency allows the increase in performance to be complemented by an increase in range, which reaches up to 406 km compared to 345 km previously (WLTP mixed cycle).

Two types of on-board chargers are available on the new Peugeot E-2008, to suit all uses and all charging solutions: as standard, a single-phase 7.4kW charger and, as an option, a three-phase 11 kW charger.

Estimated recharge times from 20% to 80% are 30 minutes from a public charging point (100 kW), 4 hours and 40 minutes from a Wall Box (7.4kW) and 11 hours and 10 minutes from a reinforced socket (3.2 kW).

A new hybrid powertrain on the 2008

At the beginning of 2024, the new 2008 will receive the new 48V HYBRID powertrain, which consists of a new-generation 136 bhp PureTech petrol engine, coupled with a new 6-speed dual-clutch electrified gearbox that includes an electric engine.

Thanks to a battery that recharges while driving, this technology offers extra torque at low engine speeds and up to 15% lower fuel consumption. In urban driving, the new 2008 equipped with the HYBRID system can operate more than 50% of the time in 100% zero-emission electric mode.

The latest generation of Peugeot connected information systems

The new 2008 now comes with the Peugeot i-Connect® system as standard, and all the versions can be fitted with the Peugeot i-Connect® Advanced system as an option.

Both are controlled via the central 10-inch high-definition touchscreen, which is easily customisable, multi-window with widgets or shortcuts, very easy to use and responsive like a smartphone. It's easy to swipe through the menus from left to right, up and down for notifications or with a three-finger tap to bring up the application wall.

It is easy to return to the main page at any time by pressing the piano "Home" button below the screen. At the top of the screen, a permanent banner displays the outside temperature and weather information, the position in the widget pages, connectivity data, notifications and the time.

The Peugeot i-Connect® system offers full connectivity through wireless mirroring (Apple CarPlay/Android Auto). The technological experience is complete with the Peugeot i-Connect® Advanced, equipped with a high-performance TomTom connected navigation system. The map is displayed on the entire 10-inch screen for easy readability.

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