2025 Renault Symbioz

2025 Renault Symbioz

2025 Renault Symbioz

2025 Renault Symbioz

2025 Renault Symbioz

2025 Renault Symbioz

2025 Renault Symbioz

2025 Renault Symbioz

2025 Renault Symbioz

2025 Renault Symbioz

2025 Renault Symbioz

2025 Renault Symbioz

2025 Renault Symbioz

2025 Renault Symbioz

Symbioz joins a proud line of family 'voitures à vivre', almost 60 years after the launch of Renault 16, with its modern, spacious and functional design, and 40 years after the revolutionary Espace, an adaptable vehicle just 4.25m long but able to carry seven people. Symbioz is a versatile vehicle that incorporates the best technologies from Renault's C segment, offering compactness and spaciousness to meet the needs of everyone.

An interior continuing the heritage of Renault 'voitures à vivre'

A true 'voiture à vivre', Renault 16 was designed to stand apart from the competition. Launched in 1965, it premiered a new body style, with hatchback access to the boot. More versatile than any of its contemporaries, Renault 16 included a bench seat adjustable for a 'holiday travel' position. It met the needs of families looking for a car that suited their lifestyles, while keeping pace with rapid social change.

Since then, Renault has continued to innovate with family cars that caught the mood of their times. This was true in the 1980s with Espace, a car that started a revolution with its groundbreaking onebox design and modular layout. In the 1990s, Renault did it again with Scénic, the first compact MPV. Designed to resemble a cocoon, Scénic featured an interior dedicated to passenger well-being.

Symbioz shares this same DNA. Able to adapt its boot and passenger compartment to family needs, with useful technologies delivering human added value and compact dimensions that are also ideal for city driving, it joins a long line of versatile 'voitures à vivre', reflecting its times. Showcasing Renault's new design language, Symbioz follows on from the recent Scénic E-Tech electric and New Captur.

The best of the C segment

Combining the best of Renault C-segment vehicles in modular design, connectivity and efficiency, packed with expertise and intelligence, Symbioz is able to meet the highest standards of onboard comfort on both short and long journeys. It is consequently aimed at a broad customer base. First and foremost, it is a car for families looking for space and efficiency with modular, contemporary design. It is also built for corporate fleet owners, looking for a level of electrification while keeping TCO on a tight rein. For both categories of customer, Symbioz delivers an uncompromising win-win.

Positioned between Captur and Austral, Symbioz gives Renault stronger entry-level presence on the C segment. Just 4.41m long, this new model completes the E-Tech 'hybrid' range already comprising Arkana (4.57m) and Austral (4.51m), while expanding the E-Tech 'electric' range with Mégane and Scénic E-Tech electric. It confirms the coherence of Renault's strategy, to address a full range of user requirements by building a dual range with dedicated platforms.

Symbioz is packed with the best of Renault technologies. It features the OpenR Link multimedia system with Google built-in, as well as the Solarbay tinted glass sunroof. The Iconic version ships with 29 new-generation driving aids for optimised safety and driving comfort.

With boot capacity of up to 624 litres - exceptional in a car of this size - and a modular layout with a sliding bench seat that folds to create a flat floor, Symbioz is on a par with the best in its class. At the same time, it remains compact and agile. Designed for both city traffic and family life, Symbioz is ideally versatile.

A new family car that is both eco-friendly and economical to run, Symboz weighs in at under 1,500 kg. Featuring the E-Tech hybrid 145 powertrain, it stands with the best for fuel consumption and emissions with exclusive, ultra-efficient technology that has been continuously improved since its launch in 2020.

After Arkana, Mégane E-Tech electric, Austral and Scénic E-Tech electric, Symbioz completes the range of compact Renault vehicles, as the last vehicle in the Renaulution offensive on the C segment.


Renault Symbioz has well balanced proportions, with a generous rear overhang complementing the vertical front end. Two aspects expressing Renault's sophisticated new design language.

Well-balanced proportions

Built on the extended version of the CMF-B platform used by Clio and Captur (B segment) as well as by Arkana (C segment), Symbioz is a vehicle of well-balanced proportions. Even the rear overhang with its promise of boot space, adds to the flow of the overall design. The rear end complements the modern, assertive prow, with its high, horizontal bonnet and vertical lines.

Sophisticated, modern design

The sculptural traits of Renault's new design language, visible at the front and rear of Symbioz, frame the smooth, simple lines of the side panels.

The clean edges of the front and rear panels catch the light, structuring the faceted shapes to sophisticated effect.

The new Renault logo is omnipresent in a variety of forms. It features as complete in the centre of the grille, split in two vertically for the light signature, or turned into a graphic pattern on the radiator grille.

"On the radiator grille, the pattern of the logo appears to expand, creating a sophisticated visual effect. The pattern is painted in tonal hues, but with a transparent overlay creating a 3D effect for a more premium look." Paula Fabregat, Design Project Director Renault

New exclusive wheels

Complementing its design, Symbioz features large 19" wheels on the Esprit Alpine and Iconic versions. All wheels (18" and 19") are new and exclusive to this model. The sharply drawn lines create a dynamic graphic effect, making it look as if the wheel is turning, even when the vehicle is stationary.

A piercing gaze

The tapering headlamps give the car a piercing gaze. A black strip running between the lights gives the frontal area a more pared-back look, while also making the vehicle seem wider. This black strip mirrors the lower body-coloured strip, with the mirror effect also being visible in the pattern of the strips.

An original rear end

The rear end is sculpted, generous and dynamic, catching the light continuously. The lights make the car look wider, giving it a strong visual presence while allowing it to slip through narrow passageways. The vertical tailgate holds out a promise of generous interior space.

"Inside each light, you can see illuminated geometric shapes, resembling ice cubes floating in a liquid." Paula Fabregat, Design Project Director Renault

A palette of seven shades

Symbioz is available in a range of seven colours, including the new vibrant shade of Mercury Blue. The iconic Flame Red is offered free of charge in the configurator, which also includes five other colours: Pearl White, Cassiopée Grey, Starry Black, Rafale Grey, and Iron Blue.


Without sacrificing its compact exterior dimensions, Symbioz offers generous interior space, combining a modular layout with a sliding bench seat and a wide range of features contributing to onboard comfort, such as the Solarbay tinted glass sunroof and power tailgate. A multi-skilled, multifunctional car, it is also a 'living area' for the whole family.

A sophisticated cocoon

Symbioz shares its dashboard structure with New Captur. The Iconic version includes a specific finish, with modern and sophisticated materials. The top part is finished in special soft-touch paint on the Techno version, a blue gradient pattern on the Esprit Alpine version and a brushed aluminium gradient finish on the Iconic version. The lower part of the fascia is finished in a sporty high-tech fabric on the Esprit Alpine version and grained coated synthetic leather (TEP) with top-stitching on the Iconic version.

"With the sophisticated detailing of its finish, the Iconic version of Symbioz meets the highest standards of the C segment." Gabriela Argumedo, Product Manager Symbioz

Specific upholstery for each version

Each of the three versions has its own specific upholstery, expressing a distinct personality in line with the target customer profile. On the Techno version, the seats are upholstered in a thick fabric with a discreet embroidered logo, yellow top-stitching and yellow and grey piping. Continuing the design cues specific to this version, the seats on Esprit Alpine feature blue top-stitching and embossed TEP side panels, while the backrests and seat cushions are upholstered in the same sporty high-tech fabric as the inner door panels and dashboard. Finally, the seats on the Iconic version are upholstered in a wide-mesh high-tech fabric, inspired by the world of premium sports equipment. A fragment of a giant logo, with gold top-stitching and piping, can be seen on the backrests. All these features give the Iconic version a sophisticated, modern feel, far removed from traditional automotive cues.

A unique balance between size and space

More compact than most C-segment vehicles (4.41m long and 1.79m wide), Symbioz is built to deliver an agile performance with no trade-off on interior space or load capacity, this being one of its key strong points. Symbioz is the ideal compromise between family life and urban agility.

Exceptionally modular

The rear bench is designed to slide over 16 cm, creating knee room of 221 mm for passengers at the rear, while also maintaining boot capacity of 492 litres in this configuration. When the rear seats are not occupied by adults, the bench seat slides forward to increase boot capacity to 624 litres. And up to 1,582 litres when the rear seats are fully folded (60:40). The boot has no lip, making it easy to access the flat floor and load even the bulkiest items. This is a particularly welcome configuration for a family model. Symbioz also boasts 24.7 litres of storage space inside the cabin, including 7 litres in the glovebox alone.

For purposes of charging and connectivity, two USB-C sockets are provided at the front, with two more at the rear. All versions - Techno, Esprit Alpine and Iconic - also ship with an induction phone charger as standard.

A practical power tailgate

One of the main strong points of Symbioz is its boot space, with load capacity varying between 492 and 624 litres depending on the position of the sliding bench seat. It also features a power tailgate with hands-free opening. From the inside, the driver can open and close the boot using the dedicated dashboard. From the outside, the driver can use the electric button on the boot, the hands-free card or simply swipe a foot under the sensor on the rear bumper.

Solarbay tinted glass sunroof

Premiered on Rafale and Scénic E-Tech electric, the Solarbay tinted glass sunroof is an iconic feature of Renault's new-generation 'voitures à vivre'. It is included in the equipment available on Symbioz, in keeping with the brand tradition of making the best technology available on its mainstream models.

With its 'AmpliSky' technology, Solarbay does away with the need for a blind. The complete active system darkens the sunroof in segments on demand, using PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal ) technology, where the molecular structure reacts to an electric current. Maximum protection can be provided immediately, with a 'wow' effect created by each segment of the sunroof darkening in turn. This smart glass sunroof can even be controlled by a switch or by voice command using Google Assistant.

The driver and passengers can choose between four sunroof positions: fully transparent, fully opaque, transparent front and opaque rear, or vice versa. The Solarbay tinted glass sunroof also limits the greenhouse effect in the passenger compartment to maintain onboard thermal comfort in both summer and winter, more effectively than a mechanical blind. Further, the sunroof dims automatically when the drive turns off the ignition and leaves the vehicle. When the vehicle is restarted, Solarbay returns to its most recent position. The feeling of space and light is further amplified by the large glazed area and increased headroom. The unique design does away with the need for a mechanical or electric blinds and increases headroom by 30 mm. This is important for passenger comfort and also for limiting vehicle height in order to improve efficiency.

"Solarbay maintains constant light inside the cabin, allowing passengers to enjoy the sensation of contact with nature." Gabriela Argumedo, Product Manager Symbioz


Although Symbioz is an entry-level C-segment vehicle, it features the best in technology, whether connected equipment, driving aids or powertrains.

OpenR Link, a standard setter

From the Techno version upwards, Symbioz features the OpenR Link multimedia system with Google built-in, based on Android Automotive 12. It supports users from day to day, with services tailored to all their connectivity needs. With its smart Google functions, OpenR Link is able to make pertinent suggestions for navigation and interior ambience, based on the driver's habits. OpenR Link has been a standard setter since its launch with Mégane E-Tech electric, and is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, for wired or wireless connectivity. Its central 10.4" vertical touchscreen (on all versions), allowing drivers and passengers to take full advantage of a connected world of content and services.

A second 10.3" screen facing the driver displays driving information. Its size is compatible with the colour navigation display.

The world of Google

Easy to use, hyper-connected and continually updated, the OpenR Link system delivers an experience as intuitive as that of a new-generation smartphone. Alongside Google services such as Google Maps and Google Assistant, it includes many other apps (50 or more depending on the country and version) via the Google Play catalogue.

Customised apps

Some apps have been specially designed or adapted for Renault users. These include Waze, Amazon Music, L'Equipe pour Renault (French-language app with content for France), Vivaldi, Radio Player for Renault, Kabriol, Karacal, Les Incollables for Renault, Easypark and Sybel. A full range of connected tools for family travel, designed for this new generation of 'voitures à vivre'.

My Renault app

With the My Renault mobile app, the car stays within easy reach at all times. For example, users can download apps from the OpenR Link system, or remotely activate the horn and indicators, making it easy to find the vehicle in a crowded car park. Further, for a stress-free driving experience, users can check their mileage and remaining range in real time. My Renault also makes it easier to manage maintenance, providing information on key servicing times and letting users schedule appointments directly from the app.

Remote updates

With this level of system connectivity, users can stay up to date without visiting their workshop or dealership. With FOTA (firmware over the air) technology, the vehicle operating system receives automatic updates.

Harman Kardon sound

The optional Harman Kardon hi-fi system includes 9 speakers (2 tweeters and 2 woofers at front and rear and a subwoofer in the boot). The system offers an immersive sound experience developed by Jean-Michel Jarre, a renowned artist, composer and author who is also a pioneer of electronic music with a passion for technology . Five programmes are available to customise the mood: Studio, Podcast, Concert, Immersion and Club.

Customisable interior mood

MULTI-SENSE settings allow for the variation of numerous parameters of the vehicle, both of a technical nature (such as the steering feel) and related to the ambiance within the cabin, such as adjusting the onboard mood lighting. Accessible using the touch-screen or a button on the steering wheel, they let users choose between four views, five widgets (interactive apps or thumbnails) and eight lighting colours for the digital dashboard screen. They also provide a choice of 48 colours for the LED 'Living Lights' mood lighting strips on the dashboard and door panels. To create a more relaxing mood, the colour of the lighting is adjusted automatically every 30 minutes based on the circadian cycle (24-hour biological clock) and time of day (cool colours during the day, warm colours at night).

Driving aids

Launched in 2023, the Human First Program embodies Renault's commitment to improving safety for drivers, passengers and other road users all over the world, through a host of technological advances. Reflecting this major ambition, Symbioz is on a par with the best in terms of passive and active safety. The Iconic version is equipped with six airbags and 29 new-generation driver aids (ADAS).

Among them, Active Driver Assist (level 2 autonomous driving) and intelligent speed adaptation rank among the most advanced functions in the segment.

Autonomous driving

Active Driver Assist is a level 2 autonomous driving system, an upgrade of the well-known motorway and traffic assistant, already available in the Renault range. Here, the system becomes contextaware, extending its scope beyond motorways. It combines intelligent adaptive cruise control including Stop & Go, with lane centering assist and traffic sign recognition to create a smart system. By integrating these functions with geolocation data and specific mapping, the vehicle is able to drive autonomously, even if the driver is required by law to maintain contact with the steering wheel. This function comes into its own in traffic jams, for example, where it contributes to a less stressful and more comfortable driving experience.

Traffic sign recognition

Drives can also activate traffic sign recognition with the excess speed warning, independently of Active Driver Assist. This function then displays the current authorised speed limit on the instrument panel and on the navigation screen. If the vehicle's speed is higher than the recognised speed, a visual warning is displayed. A button on the steering wheel lets the driver activate the speed limiter, cruise control and intelligent adaptive cruise control to adapt automatically (or not) to the legal speed limit.

Rear Automatic Emergency Braking

One of the main driving aids on Symbioz is the rear emergency braking system, which is also used for reversing manoeuvres. When the ultrasonic sensors detect a potential obstacle (such as a pedestrian, cyclist or pole), the system emits a visual and sound warning. If the driver fails to react, the system applies emergency braking for two seconds to avoid a collision. The system is operational when reversing at speeds of between 3 and 10 km/h.

Safer driving with the Safety Coach

Predictive Eco Driving Advice helps drivers to reduce fuel consumption and drive safely. Safety Coach provides real-time recommendations and a driving score (from 0 to 100); encouraging drivers to maintain their speed, course and distance, and to be more vigilant and attentive. A one-month score history is available.

Safety Coach: personalised advice for more responsible driving

To support drivers and reduce the risk of accidents, Symbioz ships with the Safety Coach, a function designed to raise awareness of driving behaviour and practices. It scores their driving style on a scale from 0 to 100, taking account of speed, course and safety distances) and provides personalised advice, both in terms of driving and the use of ADAS, to suggest areas for improvement.

Customised settings

A new button to the left of the steering wheel - My Safety Switch - lets drivers activate or deactivate their preferred settings for no fewer than six ADAS at the same time, at the touch of a button. The customised settings on the multimedia screen include whether to activate the function, to what level, to allow sound alerts, and so on.

E-Tech full hybrid powertrain

Renault Symbioz ships with the E-Tech hybrid 145 powertrain. Highly efficient and therefore economical to run, it delivers the comfort and silence of electric driving in town, without the need for charging.

"Renault's E-Tech full hybrid technology keeps fuel consumption down on most journeys, with little difference between driving modes." Sébastien Larnaud, E-Tech engine Project Manager

Uncompromising choices in technology

Over 150 patents have been filed for E-Tech full-hybrid technology. Tapping into Renault's expertise in Formula 1, particularly in energy recovery and regeneration, it delivers dynamic and efficient performance. The series-parallel hybrid architecture combines two electric motors (a 36 kW e-motor and an 18 kW HSG - High-Voltage Starter Generator with a 69 kW (94 bhp) 1.6 L 4-cylinder petrol engine mated to an intelligent multi-mode clutchless dog box and a 1.2 kWh battery.

Up to 14 combinations

The gearbox has 4 gears for the petrol engine and 2 gears for the main electric motor. The E-Tech hybrid 145 powertrain combines operation of the combustion engine and electric motor in up to 14 different ways for optimised fuel efficiency.

Emphasis on electric operation

Symbioz always starts up in electric mode, allowing drivers to remain in full-electric mode up to 80% of the time in the city, with fuel savings of up to 40% compared with a conventional petrol engine over an urban cycle. On the motorway, the powertrain is designed to allow the combustion engine to drive the wheels directly, without running the electric motors for nothing, as in conventional hybrid systems. With this Renault technology, Symbioz optimises fuel consumption on all terrains, with a WLTP cycle calculated at 4.6 litres/100 km.

Continuous optimisation

The powertrain has been constantly optimised since launch, particularly in terms of software management. The aim is to improve fuel consumption and driving comfort, especially on the motorway. Like New Clio and New Captur, Symbioz features the new 'E-Save' function, activated using a button on the left of the steering wheel. The purpose of this function to improve driving comfort and optimise fuel consumption by maintaining the battery charge at a level of at least 40%, to ensure that the vehicle always has sufficient power to negotiate slopes without losing speed, or to overtake with only the electric motor as reinforcement, without demanding more from the combustion engine and without forcing a kick-down, which is often perceived as a source of noise pollution.

"E-Save reduces forced kick-downs by 30 to 40%, as these cause unwanted increases in engine speed and noise on the motorway." Sébastien Larnaud, E-Tech engine Project Manager

Predictive hybrid driving

Symbioz also ships with predictive hybrid driving, a function that maximises use of the electric power over combustion power for lower fuel consumption. Using data provided by the connected mapping function (Google Maps), it takes account of topography (hills, descents, etc.), journey time and traffic. These data are processed in advance by the battery management system, allowing it to maximise the use of electric power. A driving summary is available in the form of a bar chart detailing consumption and the distance travelled in all-electric mode.

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